Bochaleri ai Giardini 2014

From 23 March 2014 to 23 November 2014


From 23 March to 23 November, the numerous events in Venice in 2014 promoted by the Associazione Bochaleri di Venezia offer the opportunity to get in touch with the ancient art of Venetian pottery and the various productions achievable with this fascinating material.

Bochaleri ai Giardini 2014 will take place as usual, just a few steps from the beautiful Biennale gardens with one or two events per month. The Venice pottery event has quickly become one of the most fascinating events in Venice, Italy: a meeting with the ancient tradition of Venice ceramics and its processing techniques.

Now in its 12th edition - the heir of the previous 'Bochaleri in Campo'- Bochaleri ai Giardini provides a rich calendar of events in Venice and activities to discover pottery, a 'poor art' that combines simple natural elements, earth, water and fire, lots of imagination and creativity.

Workshops, courses and conferences for ceramics in Venice, Italy will make the public aware of the work of the ancient pottery in Venice and contemporary techniques. Near the headquarters of Bochaleri in Venezia, in front of the Serra dei Giardini, many Venice upcoming events are open to all, in line with the spirit of sharing and appreciation with which the event was conceived.

The program of these fascinating days devoted to pottery Venice, Italy also offers an extraordinary exhibition of ceramics to admire the different processing of ceramics of Italy and the skills of Venetian potters!

Bochaleri ai Giardini 2014 program:



For nearly a decade, the association of Venetian potters 'The Bochaleri' promotes the rediscovery of ceramic art, thanks to the passion and hard work of sixty craftsmen in the industry.

The associazione 'Bochaleri' in Venezia is now considered a commercial reference point for the world of Venice ceramics: through the organization of workshops, courses and seminars Venetian pottery is experiencing a moment of renewed splendour and dissemination.

Bochaleri ai Giardini 2014 promises to be one of the most unmissable cultural events in Venice over the next few months, a precious moment to learn about this unique and almost forgotten niche craft.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 23 March 2014 to 23 November 2014

Event location: Venice – 1257, Castello