Calici di Stelle 2011

10 August 2011

On the night of 10th August the asteroids of the Perseus constellation cross the Earths orbit and in doing so draw a shower of fantastic falling stars in the sky.

On this day the death of St Laurence is remembered, the martyr associated with the celebrated meteor shower, as evidenced by a proverb in Veneto which cites St Laurence of the innocent martyrs, glowing charcoal falls from the sky. On this night people raise their eyes to the sky, in the hope of catching a glimpse of a shooting star to which a wish can be attached and made true by reciting the words Star, my beautiful star, I wish thatThanks to the event introduced by the Organization for Wine Tourism, a wish seems already to be true: the night of the 10th of August sees the return of the event Calici di Stelle, ideal both for those passionate about food and wine but also for those enjoy the magic of the night.

Each region will open up their most beautiful squares and courtyards, their oldest historic centres and most enchanting castles, to donate a unique night whilst tasting the best Italian wines from the associated wineries, along with a multitude of events that will lighten up the night with jazz and classic music concerts, historic parades, theatre performances and games under a sky lit up by the falling stars.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff