Calici di Stelle and Sabato On Wine

From 07 August 2010 to 10 August 2010

For Calici di Stelle the evening of Saints Lawrence Day, is a sky full of dreams and future aspirations whilst toasting together. The events started in 1987 by Wine Cities and the Organization for Wine Tourism to spread across Italy as a passion began for wine and respect for the environment, coupled with a renewed awareness of ones land and life virtues. This years event is dedicated to the issue of eco-sustainability to promote the use of glass goblets in place of plastic ones, the separate collection of cork tops and bottles (which can be re-used by lightened glass companies with recycled paper labels energy saving actions and the use of renewable energy sources: basically the entire production process, from the vineyard to the cellar, is affected by these issues and is becoming increasingly important for wine aficionados. The event is also fostering the responsible and moderate consumption of alcohol and in many locations alcohol blood level testers bearing the Calici di Stelle logo will be handed out for the participants to use before driving. The event is joined each year by hundreds of different locations from across Italy and is also a cultural and social happening that highlights the country as a model of hospitality. There will be many wineries in Veneto that will join the celebration Calici di Stelle and the many different events staged to celebrate the night on Saint Lawrences day - from shows and re-enactments to food events, night walks and open air markets.Between one wine tasting and another, participants will have, as in the past editions, the opportunity to observe the sky and its stars under the expert guidance of the Unione Italiana Astrofili.

And for those too eager to wait until the 10th of August, Saturday 7th will host Saturday On Wine, when the wineries of the Organization for Wine Tourism will give wine and tourism aficionados the opportunity to taste wines and learn the secrets of how they are made.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 07 August 2010 to 10 August 2010

Event location: At participating wineries across Veneto

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