'Calici di Stelle at High Altitude' in Cortina d'Ampezzo

a fascinating food and wine tasting event in the Dolomites refuges

09 August 2014


The rich calendar of Cortina events 2014 - summer is pleased to present the second edition of Calici di Stelle 2014 at High Altitude. One of the most fascinating wine tasting events in Cortina for Calici di Stelle on 9 August!

Organized by the Wine Tourism Movement in the period of St. Lorenzo, Calici di Stelle 2014 involves the whole of Italy in a fascinating series of wine tasting events, including themed evenings and tastings of typical products.

Among the regions involved in these unprecedented events in Cortina, Veneto is always at the forefront, given the long-standing attention and participation that Calici di Stelle in Veneto achieves among locals and tourists.

After the success of the first edition, the events in Cortina can boast another 'tasting' of great charm, which aims to become a fixed appointment for Calici di Stelle in Veneto.

In the enchanting scenery of the Dolomites, Calici di Stelle Cortina 2014 will take place in numerous refuges that offer typical products and wine tasting in Veneto, Italy, entertainment and events. The planned route for Calici di Stelle Cortina at High Altitude is a real path of senses, nature, gastronomy and entertainment.

The Cortina events 2014 will continue throughout the entire day, starting at 11.00 am and ending only late at night. Seven refuges - Faloria, Scoiattoli, Averau, Lagazuoi, Da Aurelio, Locanda del Cantoniere, Col Drusciè -workshops for children, appetizers, dinners, and to end the magical day of Calici di Stelle in Cortina D'Ampezzo, on the terraces of some refuges you will be able to observe the stars under the guidance of experienced amateur astronomers.

Enjoying a good glass of Cortina wine on a terrace overlooking the Dolomites is a unique emotion. Do not miss Calici di Stelle: on 9 August the Cortina events program offers a unique day, including delicious wine tastings in Cortina and entertainment at high altitude!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff