Cantine Aperte 2014 in Veneto

the unmissable wine festival to promote the local delights

From 24 May 2014 to 25 May 2014


Among the many activities organized by the Wine Tourism Movement, the annual Italian wine tasting events are considered one of the most important national resources of wine tourism. Our beautiful region, where wine making is one of the main delights, each year adheres to the activities of wine tourism in Veneto organized by the Wine Tourism Movement with great enthusiasm and participation.

Cantine aperte in 2014 in Veneto is traditionally held on the last weekend of May and provides two days of fascinating and delicious wine tasting in Veneto.

The promoter of the Cantine Aperte and the renowned cantine aperte of Prosecco events is the Wine Tourism Movement: a non-profit association founded in 1993 with the aim of promoting the culture of wine making and to learn about the places of production. Currently the Wine Tourism Movement has more than a thousand wineries among its members, selected based on specific requirements and considered among the most prestigious in Italy.

Now in its 22nd edition, Cantine Aperte 2014 will involve you in an unprecedented day of flavours and relaxation surrounded by the picturesque scenery of the beautiful wine-growing areas of the region. You will learn about the wineries and farms included in the Italian wine tourism group in Veneto with guided tours and tastings.

Have you already decided where to spend the weekend during cantine aperte in Veneto? Cantine aperte of prosecco 2014 in Conegliano takes you straight into the heart of the renowned production area of Prosecco: Cantine aperte in Valpolicella will give you the sweetness of Amarone and flavour of the famous red wines of the western area of the region. Not forgetting to mention Bardolino, which you will learn about and appreciate thanks to the events of wine tasting in the Veneto region and the famous Fior d'Arancio in the Province of Padua in the cantine aperte in the Euganean Hills!

Home to some of the most appreciated and quality Italian wine and to one of the most prestigious trade shows, Vinitaly, Veneto is offering an entire weekend of tastings, tours and excursions. Cantine Aperte in Valdobbiandene, Cantine Aperte in Soave and Conegliano, Gambellara Pramaggiore, Sant'Ambrogio di Valpolicella, Negrar and many other enchanting and beautiful places that for centuries have been waging a genuine passion for viticulture.

On the occasion of cantine aperte on Sunday, 25 May 2014 a long series of wine tasting in VenetoItaly will be an opportunity to discover the finest quality wines and places of production by artisan wineries. The success of the event is witnessed by a growing interest: cantine aperte has become a real opportunity to discover the great wine regions of Italy, a new and original way to approach the world of viticulture and to come into direct contact with companies and production techniques.

Some wine events in Venice, Veneto will begin early on Saturday 24. On Sunday 25 May seventy-wineries throughout the Veneto - cantine aperte in Verona, cantine aperte in Treviso, cantine aperte in Valdobbiadene and so forth, will open their doors to wine lovers and connoisseurs, guiding them with tastings, exhibitions, tours and activities.

To find the complete list of wineries of the Wine Tourism Movement Veneto that will be taking part in the cantine aperte 2014 in Veneto open the following pdf.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 24 May 2014 to 25 May 2014

Event location: Veneto