Cantine Aperte: The Veneto presents Vignafior

31 May 2009

From 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday 31 May 2009 the public will flock to the wine shops of the Veneto region to enjoy the greatest event of its kind in the region: Cantine Aperte, or open wine shops, promises a new look this year, uniting the colours and bouquets of wines and flowers. Vignafior connects wine with flowers, thus offering a delight for both the eye and the palate. Wine shops will be decorated with the colours of the spring, and products will be on display for tasting. In addition live music, art exhibitions and other related activities will provide the perfect backdrop for the event. Each wine shop deserves a visit, and each event is worthy of attending. The Tourist Movement of Veneto Wines site provides the ideal way to plan your day, maximising your time and allowing you to enjoy the wide range of events and attractions. For those who cannot wait, or want to relive the memories of the last event there is a section on their site displaying photos of the 2008 event. This also allows potential participants the opportunity to experience a taste of this years forthcoming attractions. 31 May 2009: Cantine Aperte in the Veneto!
By Insidecom Editorial Staff