21 September 2011

The cats of Cats, the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical that has beaten all records of shows in the history of worlds musical theatre, will entertain the audience of the Verona Arena on 21st September.

The Italian version of this Broadway masterpiece will be performed by the Compagnia della Rancia, with the new choreography of Daniel Ezralow and the accompaniment of a fantastic live orchestra.

Presented in Italy for the first time after over 10 adaptations in as many foreign languages, the translated version will allow the Italian audience to enter in to the universe of the Jellicle Cats, the 25 world famous cats, as well as naughty, self-indulgent, sophisticated, magical and voluptuous, that have been captivating audiences from everywhere and of all ages for nearly thirty years.

A particular exhausting endeavour: nearly 1000 square metres of stage have been built and over 60 kilometres of optical fibre used to construct the sky vault. For the artists dresses around 20 kilos of hair were used, 400 metres of material and 100 kilos of paint.

For the theatre company this event represents a great opportunity, as the participation to a production of this size and level requires hard physical work for the preparation and also instinct, imagination and sensitivity. All the artists took part at the beginning in a workshop where they fully dedicated themselves to the constant and uninterrupted observation of all movements and habits of cats.

In short, this is for the Compagnia della Rancia a new challenge that must be passed with full marks, a new turned-Italian dream that is holding high the name of an ever surprising and fascinating team.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff