Che più di Terra, che di Villa, il nome si merita - Photographic exhibition of the rural landscape around Abano Terme

From 17 October 2010 to 15 May 2011

The reasons behind the organization of this exhibition can be grouped as belonging to two series of considerations. On one hand, the organizers wanted to support the rediscovery of the roots of the folks from Abano Terme through the encounter with the relics of the past: the meaning is therefore that of a rethinking of ones history, to rediscover a common identity and be able to plan the future. On the other hand, the intention has been to favour the development of a widespread sensitivity towards the protection of the rural landscape. The origins of this exhibition go back to the spring of 2006, when the Abano Terme Town Library, in collaboration with the associations Lo Squero and Cycling Friends of Padua, organized a cycling event to rediscover the rural settings around Abano. Further events staged in the following years brought to light many buildings and natural features unbeknown to many. During the photographic shoots for the exhibition, it emerged that some of the buildings seen during those endeavours had in the meantime crumbled or been profoundly altered by unorthodox refurbishments. The rural house of Veneto has already been the subject of important exhibitions, but the attention towards these rural and landscape elements has always been low. This exhibition aims at making a humble contribution towards the development of a new awareness amongst the population with the hope that the protection of the rural landscape can in this way see a practical and effective implementation.

Visiting times:Tuesday to Sunday from 10a.m to 12 a.m.

Thursday, Saturday and Sunday from 15p.m. to 18p.m.

Closed on 8, 25 and 26 December 2010, 1 and 2 January 2011Free entrance

By Insidecom Editorial Staff