Cherry Festival in Marostica 2015

In Marostica I.G.P. cherries on display

From 30 May 2015 to 02 June 2015


From 30th May to 1st June 2015 the Cherry Festival in Marostica returns! In the fantastic setting of the 'City of Chess', one of the tastiest Vicenza events awaits you, where the undisputed star is the 'Red Queen', the I.


P Marostica cherry.

During the spring season, Marostica Events organizes one of the most anticipated events in the province of Vicenza: the tasty Marostica cherry Festival of 2015.

The program of the Marostica Cherry Festival is very rich ... This year you can again enjoy a weekend of taste and tradition! The typical cherry festival of Vicenza, with the participation of all producers in the area, offers direct sales of Marostica cherries with I.


P. label, dinners and tastings dedicated to the tasty red fruit and other interesting Marostica events in the historic centre, in Piazza Castello and the Lower Castle .]

The Marostica Cherry, characterized by a firm flesh and a very sweet taste, is undoubtedly the best known and popular product in the province of Vicenza. It is the first cherry in Italy to have obtained, in 2001, the prestigious recognition of European I.


P. (Protected Geographical Indication), which illustrates the characteristics of a fruit produced only in a limited geographical area. In the case of the Marostica Cherry, the municipalities included are those of Fara Vicentino, Salcedo, Mason, Pianezze, Breganze, Marostica, Molvena and Bassano del Grappa. The area is characterized by flat land and hills, made fertile by the presence of potassium and therefore able to produce a very tasty and sweet fruit.

Noteworthy is the fact that all the Marostica cherries undergo a very strict checking process: they must have a minimum diameter of 20 mm, be hand-picked and contain a high percentage of minerals, vitamins and polyphenols, important substances for wellness and health.

To enhance the 'Red Queen' and other local products, in 2014, after 33 editions of the Cherry Festival in Marostica, another initiative was agreed to be promoted in an extraordinary location: Villa San Biagio in Mason Vicentino. A former convent for Benedictine monks of Santa Giustina of Padua, the complex consists of a centuries-old villa, barns, dovecotes and private chapel and enjoys views over an immense and breathtaking landscape. To celebrate the inimitable Cherry of Marostica, Villa San Biagio offers lunches and 'finger-food' tastings strictly based on cherries and interesting cooking shows held by the Young Restaurateurs Group in collaboration with the Catering School of Valdobbiadene and the Restaurateurs of the 'Brotherhood of I.


P Marostica Cherry'. There will be informal cooking classes, during which chefs will prepare dishes and explain to the public the steps and, often, allow the audience to sample the food.

In addition to the Cherry Festival, Marostica is known throughout Italy for the famous 'Chess Game with living characters' which takes place every two years, on the giant chessboard of the central Piazza Castello. Legend has it that in 1454 Rinaldo d'Angarano and Vieri da Vallonara, two noble knights in love with the beautiful Lionora, daughter of the governor of Marostica Taddeo Parisio, decided to challenge each other to a duel for her. But Taddeo, who did not want to risk losing any of the two brave young people, replaced the bloody duel with a game of the noble chess game that took place in the square with living pieces. The winner would marry Lionora while the loser would marry Oldrara, her younger sister.

Did you know that the Marostica Cherry Festival is connected to the famous chess game by a charming old myth, according to which the Marostica Cherries were planted at the request of the mayor Taddeo Parisio, during the long-awaited wedding of Lionora's daughter. 'It was 1454 when, two noble warriors loyal to the mayor and ready to clash in a duel were contending for the beautiful maiden. To avoid the death of one of the young men, the castle owner of Marostica then decided that the two claimants would be challenged in a game of chess with human pieces: the winner would marry Lionora, the other would instead marry the younger daughter of the mayor. So it was and, in honour of the young couple, the hills of Marostica were decorated with many cherry trees in bloom ... '

Lovers of food and festivals, make a note of these dates on your calendar: 30th, 31st May and 1st June Visiting the Cherry Festival in Marostica in 2015 will be one of the most delicious Vicenza events: you can enjoy this precious fruit, reliving old traditions in a modern context.

During the Marostica Cherry Festival in 2015, on Saturday, 30th May the Red Night will be held, with shows, entertainment and shops open until late at night. In addition, during the entire duration of the Marostica event, you can taste all the delicious varieties of Marostica cherries, for sale at kiosks set up in the main square of the city.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff