Marostica Chess game 2016

The exciting human chess game that fascinates the world is back!

From 09 September 2016 to 11 September 2016


Don't miss the appointment with one of the most fascinating historical re-enactments in Italy... Friday 9th, Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th September the Marostica chess game 2016 will take place!

The famous legend of the Marostica chess game Italy dates back to the fifteenth century, a time when the city was under the rule of the Venetian Republic, and is inspired by a gripping duel for the hand of the beautiful Lionora, daughter of the ruler of Marostica Taddeo Parisio. Following the custom of the period, two young warriors, Rinaldo d'Angarano and Vieri da Vallonara, both in love with the girl, challenged each other to a duel to conquer the love of the young Lionora. To avoid unnecessary bloodshed, the sovereign managed to prevent the violent confrontation by referring to an edict of Cangrande della Scala, issued in Verona shortly after Romeo and Juliet's tragic death. He proposed an alternative solution to the contenders: the two would have to demonstrate their abilities in a majestic Marostica chess game, with the winner marrying Lionora, whilst the looser would instead marry Taddeo's younger sister, Oldrada.

The first exciting game of Chess in Marostica Italy was held in the Piazza del Castello with the presence of the nobility and the people; it was played with real people, all armed and marked in white or black, who replaced the pawns used in the classic game of chess. Marostica, for the occasion, organized a big party which went down in history! Just imagine the scene... That day saw archers and infantry, pikemen and knights and the court of Castellano marching, including the two daughters and their faithful nurse, dames and gentlemen, the captain of the armed men, pages and bridesmaids, falconers and standard-bearers, musicians and all the pieces of the living chess. After the procession, the first human chess game in the history of Italy took place: Marostica waited with bated breath the end of the 'duel', celebrated by a dazzling lights and shouts of joy! Lionora, secretly in love with one of the two contenders, had discreetly instructed that the lower part of the Castle be lit if the young man she loved won her hand...

This is how the fascinating Marostica chess game history began. The modern game of chess with living characters, inspired by the legendary events of the fifteenth century, is a fairly recent event. Its origin dates back to the 50s following the initiative of a group of citizens from Marostica and the so-called Culture Office in Marostica. Written and dramatized for staging by the set designer and director Mirko Vucetich, the first game of chess in Marostica was staged in 1954 with over 600 people in costume... From that moment, the history of the game of Marostica chess has been constantly on the rise!

You may not know that the re-enactment of the Marostica, Italy chess game is one of the most represented Italian folk shows on an international level. The universality of the subject, which makes the show understandable to all, and the beauty of the costumes, which is able to evoke in the collective imagination the glory of the Serenissima, have made the Marostica human chess game in Veneto renowned worldwide! The live chess game in Italy, Marostica has been represented in Brussels - Expo 1958, in Los Angeles in the Olympics of 1984, in Sao Paulo, Chicago, Melbourne...

In Marostica, the live chess game takes place every two years, only in even years, on the second weekend of September: classic costumes and banners, beautiful ladies and courageous knights, jugglers and fire-eaters will bring the magic of this fascinating event back to life. The 'battle' always takes place on the beautiful Piazza di Marostica, which measures 4783 square meters, and is the heart of the town in the province of Vicenza.

Given the impossibility to reproduce the original moves of the human chess game in Marostica in 1454, the organizers have taken inspiration from time to time from the most beautiful chess games played in history, selecting them based on duration (the duration of the chess game Marostica must be about 30 minutes) and the number of moves (minimum 16 and maximum 20).

For the town of Marostica, the living chess game represents one of the most important events, a unique opportunity to discover the customs and traditions of a forgotten era by recalling the compelling game that took place in the 1400s. In the splendid chessboard in Piazza Castello, the living chess game 2016 will involve more than 500 people dressed in costume for a total of two hours of entertainment and excitement. The rich program of Marostica chess 2016 is divided into four re-enactments (Friday 9th and Saturday 10th September at 9pm, Sunday, September 11th at 5pm and at 9pm). About 3600 spectators can attend a representation at a time, comfortably seated in the numbered grandstands erected for the occasion around the square.

In Marostica, human chess, ladies, knights and lots of fun await you every two years, the second weekend of September... The Marostica, Italy chess game 2016 is ready to repeat their incomparable magic! The elegant ambience of bygone times that pervades the city of Vicenza among shows, colors and ancient customs has made Marostica the quintessential pearl of human chess games in Italy.


And do not forget that Marostica is located at just 40 minutes from Vicenza, the beautiful city of the architect Palladio! Seize this opportunity to plan an exclusive guided tour to discover the architectural treasures of this popular town of Venetian art!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff