Chestnut Festival Combai IGP

Gastronomy, sports and culture in the most awaited festival of Combai

From 09 October 2015 to 01 November 2015


Everything is ready for one of the tastiest wine and food festivals in Italy, the 2015 edition of Festa dei Marroni -Chestnut Festival in Combai! From 9 October to 1 November, there will be three weeks of celebration with lots of food and wine tasting, Veneto food specialities, sports and cultural events.

Now in its 71st edition, the Chestnut Festival in Italy in 2015 in Combai has become one of the most anticipated festivals and Sagra dei Marroni di Combai in the Veneto region, which attracts more than 80 thousand visitors from all over Italy every year.

Nestled in the hills of Prosecco, Combai Sagra della Castagna of Miane provides a truly enchanting place for this party, where the central character is the local chestnut, which became PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) in 2010 and is produced exclusively in 11 municipalities in the foothills: Sarmede, Cison of Valmarino, Vittorio Veneto, Cordignano, Segusino, Fregona, Revine Lago, Follina, Tarzo, Valdobbiadene and Miane.

The Combai Sagra for Castagna Festival PGI is a unique opportunity to learn and enjoy this delight: prepared in huge roasters, chestnuts can be enjoyed alone or combined with excellent wines such as Prosecco or Verdisio.

At the Combai Chestnut festival, you can pick from exquisite cakes, honey, jams and other delicacies based on chestnuts, available at the food stall open for the duration of the event, from Tuesday to Friday from 9am to midnight.

Not forgetting the exhibition 'At the Table with the brown Combai IGP', reserved for the most demanding palates: restaurateurs of the group 'Intavolando - Art in the kitchen' in collaboration with other prestigious clubs in the area, will prepare a themed full menu, able to satisfy the palates of the most demanding gourmets!

Among the many Italy food festivals and fairs in the Veneto region, do not miss the Festa dei marroni Combai, a real paradise for gourmets. The rich and varied program of Chestnut Festival in Treviso in 2015, provides several Treviso Italy events, first of all the food: every week you can take part in special evenings where expert chefs prepare typical dishes of the local tradition, such as the stew and chestnut lasagne, the so-called 'Modoi and Brise' (soup with chestnuts and mushrooms) and gnocchi with brown with smoked ricotta.

The Festa dei  Marroni Combai di Miane included in the calendar of the event 'The Delights of Autumn', proposes a series of side events that promote the Treviso area to 360°, for example, those devoted to sports lovers: on Saturday 12 November, the 'Ricciolando' Memorial for Elio Buogo will be held, a non-competitive 18 km cycling and mountain biking event in the beautiful chestnut area of Combai.

On Sunday, 20 October the 2nd Edition of Nordic Walking 'Combai - The Rota' will take place, a unique chance to play a healthy sport and being in touch with nature, made particularly impressive by the autumn colours.

The last event of the Chestnut Festival in Italy in Combai is scheduled for Sunday, 27 October: the 15th edition of the non-competitive 'Marronando' run, the participants will go for 6 or 12 km immersed in the magical atmosphere of the vineyards of Combai - Treviso .

For the occasion of the Veneto Food Festival in Combai, one of the most successful Treviso events, there is also space for local crafts. Thanks to the project 'The Great Way', the main streets of the centre become a large open-air workshop where artisans will enchant you with their creations and their skill in performing ancient crafts, while children will be entertained by storytellers, puppets, music and entertaining shows.

The Combai Chestnut Festival 2015 is enriched in art! At the Civic Centre in the town the exhibition of paintings by Francesco Guerra will open, while in coincidence with the Venetian Festival 'Shows of Mystery', touring shows of music and poetry will be staged on 25 October. Do not miss the most famous Chestnut Festival of Treviso in Veneto!

On the calendar of Combai - Chestnut Festival, do not miss interesting excursions among the chestnut trees, such as the one that takes place on the famous ' Strada de la fan', an ancient cobblestone path built by the elderly, women and children on order of the Austrian Army Corps of Engineers during the First World War.

For 28 years, the Association of Combai Producers of Marroni and Pro Loco propose 'Esplorambiente', a very successful initiative reserved for pupils of schools and kindergartens. Created with the intent to educate children to respect nature and to uncover their ancient bond between man and mountain, the project includes a series of excursions and educational tours in the of chestnut woods of Combai. The Chestnut Festival in Treviso and 'Esplorambiente', are enthusiastically open also to the youngest, devoting to them active games and theme fun workshops.

If you are looking for Treviso events and food festivals in Italy in Veneto, from 9 October to 1 November 2015 do not miss the Combai Chestnut Festival. By booking one of our fantastic tours you can discover with us the beauty of Treviso Hills and the centuries-old wine tradition that always distinguishes them!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff