Chestnut Festival Combai IGP

Gastronomy, sports and culture in one the most awaited Italian food festivals!

From 11 October 2019 to 03 November 2019

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The Combai Chesnut Festival 2019 is ready to bring life to the charming town near Treviso with lots of events: from 11 October to 3 November look forward to three weeks of tasting, tradition and fun!

Now in its 75th edition, the famous Combai Chestnut Festival in Italy in 2019 has become one of the most anticipated festivals in the Veneto region, which attracts more than 80 thousand visitors from all over Italy every year.

Nestled in the hills of Prosecco, Combai of Miane provides a truly enchanting place for the chestnut festival in Treviso. The central character of this event is the local chestnut, which became IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) in 2010 and is produced exclusively in 11 municipalities in the foothills: Sarmede, Cison of Valmarino, Vittorio Veneto, Cordignano, Segusino, Fregona, Revine Lago, Follina, Tarzo, Valdobbiadene and Miane.

The Combai Sagra della Castagna Festival IGP is a unique opportunity to learn and enjoy this delight: prepared in huge roasters, chestnuts can be enjoyed alone or combined with the excellent local wines, such as the famous Prosecco or Verdisio. Immerse yourself in the richness of the local gastronomy at the Combai Sagra della Castagna: delicious sweets, honey, jam and other delicacies based on chestnuts will be on sale for the entire duration of the event at the tasting point, open from Tuesday to Friday from 10.00 am to 12.00 am, Saturday from 11.00 am to 12.00 am and Sunday and 1 November from 11.00 am to 8.00 pm.

In addition to a tasting point, the Combai Chesnut Festival in Treviso will also offer many events aimed at involving adults and young ones in discovering the surrounding territory and all the preparations based on chestnuts:


  • The Festival dei Marroni in Combai offers a different dish every day of the week - a soup with chestnuts and mushrooms on Tuesday, tortelli with chestnuts on Wednesday, stew with chestnuts on Thursday, gnocchi with chestnuts on Saturday. It will be possible to taste ‘The Combaiota’, the beer made with chestnuts, combined with different specialties (chestnut lasagne on Friday 11th; grilled chicken with chestnut sauce Friday 18th; pastin, a typical dish from Belluno, and chestnut sausages on Friday 25th; chestnut sausages on Thursday 31st).
  • Every Saturday afternoon – 12/19/26 October – 2 November at 3.00 pm - in Combai, chestnut food festival in Italy in 2019, you can take part in an enjoyable walk to collect chestnuts. This initiative is especially open for families that will spend an usual afternoon walking through the woods looking for chestnuts!
  • Sunday, October 20th Giovanni Carraro, the hiking guide and expert of the Treviso Pre-Alps, will illustrate the Verdisio Route that follows the 1025path. The route, 8 km long, is suitable for everyone!
  • On Thursday 31st October the Combai local council will offer an animated night walk with final tasting of chestnuts.
  • Sunday, October 27st 'Marronando' is back. This charming non-competitive walk through chestnut woods - 6 or 12 km route – will let you explore the enchanting territory that constitutes the background for the famous Festival dei Marroni in Combai di Miane.
  • Every Saturday and Sunday markets and arts&crafts exhibitions will animate the streets of Combai: the Sagra dei Marroni once again will offer the ‘Fantastica via’ with shows and music! Families will be involved in entertaining activities by woodcarvers, creative painting and weaving workshops, cheese making, polenta preparation and cob cleaning explanations… Instead, for those looking for a less creative entertainment option, card and bowls tournaments will take place at the 'Ave Tonet' pub!
  • In Combai, at one of the best Italy food festivals, the 'Comby path' is also back! It is a recreational and educational itinerary that has already involved more than 3000 students from the surrounding area. Discover the secrets of the chestnut tree, wood ecosystems and ancient mysteries along the way. Every Sunday at 2.00 pm guided excursions open to everyone will be available at the Veneto food festival in Combai.


If you are planning on taking a trip to Combai for the Chesnut Festival in Treviso in 2019, do not forget to go to the Biss Badaliss restaurant on Saturday 26th where the 'Rostidora d'Oro' award for the best chestnut cook will take place!

The Combai festival, considered the best chestnut festival in the Veneto region, is a real paradise for gourmets! Theme nights, sports, activities for families, markets and traditions will attract lots of visitors…

If you are looking for Treviso Italy food events 2019, from 11 October to 3 November 2019 do not miss the Combai Chestnut Festival! And between one event and the next, come and discover the beauty of the Treviso area with our tours of Treviso and its surroundings!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff