Christmas Markets in Veneto 2010

From 14 December 2010 to 09 January 2011

Christmas markets are the best way to soak up the magic atmosphere of the finest celebration of the year: a stroll through the characteristic wooden chalets, bathed in lights and colours, will cast away all worries. This is a deeply rooted tradition in Veneto to which each town adds a personal touch that makes each market a unique experience. Local art crafts, all kinds of decorations, warn wool garments, sweets, chestnuts, mulled wine, food items, the widest choice of ornaments bringing the stalls to life offering fun as well as gift ideas and the chance to enjoy a special night in your own hometown during the festive period and the opportunity to bring home with you specialities that are otherwise difficult to get a hold of. From the market of Bassano Del Grappa (VI this year hosting street performances and many entertaining events for the little and not so little, to the one of Padova, through to those of Belluno and Verona, the numerous Christmas markets that you will find in Veneto, are this year, more than ever. All the county towns and the main art cities (Monselice, Cittadella, Asiago, Asolo, Cortina) will host one, but this time of the year sees also smaller towns setting up attractive stalls, huge adorned trees and bright alleyways beaming with decorations and delicacies. The Christmas markets of Veneto will always offer the opportunity to spend a romantic weekend, purchase small souvenirs, listen to Christmas choirs and music and lead oneself into a fairy-tale and partying atmosphere.
By Insidecom Editorial Staff