Christmas nativities in Veneto

Tradition and creativity for these enchanting Christmas events!

From 01 December 2017 to 12 February 2018

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The rich and diverse list of Christmas events in Veneto, Italy presents proposals for all tastes, including several Italian nativity sets located in the different provinces of the region. A visit to the presepi in Veneto will give you all the magic and charm of the oldest traditional Christmas festivals in Veneto!

The artistic presepi in Veneto offer the opportunity to admire one of the most genuine testimonies of a Veneto Christmas tradition: the nativity scenes are often prepared by artisans and volunteers who work with passion to finish every part down to the smallest detail.

Located throughout the region, the Christmas nativities in Veneto are faithful to the Catholic spirit of the festival and reflect the values and customs of the individual communities that prepare them offering a sincere example of the different Veneto Christmas traditions.

Among the many presepi del Veneto one should not forget the re-enactments of the living nativity scenes in Veneto: with people in costumes, readings and live animals. The living nativity scenes in Veneto are one of the most fascinating events of Christmas in Veneto, italy!

Here is a small guide to the different Christmas nativity scenes in Veneto to visit in 2017:

Nativity Scenes in the province of Belluno

  • 25.12.17-28.04.2018 – Artistic Nativity Scene of Quero

Nativity Scenes in the province of Treviso

  • 25.12.17-4.02.18 – Artistic Nativity Scene of Segusino (only on Sundays and holidays)
  • 8.12.17-31.01.18 – Artistic Nativity Scene of Valdobbiadene
  • 17.12.17-28.01.18 - XVIII° Nativity Scene of Riese Pio X°
  • 24.12.17-14.01.18 - Nativity Scene display in Treviso
  • 25.12.17-31.01.18 - Artistic Nativity Scene of Ramera in Mareno di Piave (only on Sundays and holidays)
  • 15.12.17-7.01.18 - Nativity Scene display in Castelfranco Veneto

Nativity Scenes in the province of Venice

  • 16.12.17-7.01.18 – Nativity Scenes on display in Spinea
  • 8.12.17-11.02.18 - Sand Nativity in Jesolo

Nativity Scenes in the province of Padua

  • 8.12.17-15.01.18 – Nativity Scene on the water in Battaglia Terme
  • 8.12.17-7.01.18 – Nativity Scenes on display in Cittadella
  • 1.12.17-10.01.18 – Presepiando, Nativity Scene display in Padova

Nativity Scenes in the province of Vicenza

  • 26.11.17-7.01.18 – Missionary Nativity Scene display in Vicenza
  • 25.12.17-7.01.18 - 100 Nativity Scenes on display in Rotzo
  • 25.12.17-6.01.18 - Scalabrini Nativity Scene in Bassano del Grappa
  • 8/10/17 and from 24.12.17 to 7.01.18  – Evangelium Nativity Scene in Dueville

Nativity Scenes in the province of Verona

  • 7.12.17-12.01.18 – 34th International show of Traditional and artistic Nativity Scenes at the Arena of Verona
  • 8.12.17-7.01.18 – Nativity Scene at Lake Garda in Peschiera del Garda
  • 6.12.17-15.01.18- Nativity Scenes in Campo, near Brenzone

Nativity Scenes in the province of Rovigo

  • 24.12.17-28.01.2018 - Nativity Scenes on display in Rovigo
  • 3.12.17-28.01.18 – 16th Nativity Scene of Lendinara

Living Nativity Scenes in Veneto:

  • 24/25/26.12.17 and 1/6/7/14.01.18 – Living Nativity Scene in Pontelongo (Padova)
  • 24/26.12.17 and 1/6/7/17.01.18 - Living Nativity Scene in Annone Veneto (Venice)
  • 26/30.12.17 e 6/7.01.18 - Living Nativity Scene with con 80 figures in Revine Lago
  • 25/26.12.17 e 1/6/7/14/21/28.01.18 - Living Nativity Scene in Codiverno-Vigonza


Visiting the Veneto presepi di natale 2017 will allow you to experience the joy of Christmas in Veneto and its atmosphere and spend time with your family!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff