Cibiana: Celebrations for the 30th Anniversary of the Murals

From 24 July 2010 to 01 August 2010

Set in the heart of the Belluno Mountains, Cibiana di Cadore is without any doubt a special place. What makes this a unique location is not only its exclusive position, on the right bank of the Boite stream beneath the majestic Monte Rite, from where one can enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding nature and numerous dream opportunities for walks and sporting activities. Its main peculiarity is the presence of many murals, designed over 30 years ago by the emigrant Osvaldo Da Col and the artist Vico Calabr, scattered around so that the town has become a sort of open air gallery. Today there are over 50 paintings, designed by artists from all over the world, recounting local traditions, old professions and the history of Cibiana. They can all be visited following a dedicated path which is also suitable for bikes. The first painting is the one called Lemigrante, in remembrance of the many who left the town at the beginning of the 20th century, located in the hamlet of Pianezze. For the 30th anniversary, the Municipality of Cibiana has taken the step of promoting a series of initiatives dealing with arts, entertainment, food and much more with the aim of raising the awareness towards this unique treasure. The celebrations will take place every day between July 25th and August 1st. The presences of Mr Da Col and Mr Calabr have already been confirmed, together with the majority of the remaining authors, and also of the great mountaineer Reinhold Messner. His efforts were responsible for the construction of the highest museum in Europe, on top of Mount Rite, the Messner Mountain Museum, also known as the clouds museum, which is open from June through to September. All the events will offer visitors the opportunity to admire the paintings, taste exquisite recipes from the local cuisine, listen to opera singing from the renowned soprano Dominika Zamara as well as local street bands and finally attend many awarding ceremonies.
By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 24 July 2010 to 01 August 2010

Event location: Cibiana di Cadore (BL)

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