Claudio Baglioni Gran Concerto - Q.P.G.A

14 September 2009


Claudio Baglionis new Gran Concerto Q.P.G.A. 2009 tour arrives at Veronas Arena the 14 September.

It follows on from his last tour Assolo, which accompanied the success of his previous album La vita adesso and which was immortalised in a live triple CD, though promises to be the most encompassing from a techincal aspect in his career. Baglioni has in fact found the perfect location in the city of Romeo & Juliet for his new material, a type of modern opera which in music and words tells the story of the first and greatest love which doesnt last all your life but changes you forever.

Fans of the Roman singer will find in Gran Concerto Q.P.G.A. not only a highly innovative and spectacular performance but also an opportunity to hear material not yet recorded, and an occassion to be part of a live recording, ngs scheduled for release on a double live CD after the summer.

Ticket prices:Fornt-row stalls 70,00Stalls 60,00Numbered tiers 50,00Unnumbered tiers 32,00(prices subject to additional booking/online charges)

By Insidecom Editorial Staff