'Colours of the Sacred: At the Table' at the Diocesan Museum

The international exhibition of illustration has reached its 8th edition!

From 20 February 2016 to 26 June 2016


From 20 February to 26 June, the Museo Diocesan of Padova presents a fascinating new exhibition in Italy for 2016 with 'The colours of the sacred', the successful international exhibition of illustration that has now reached its 8th edition!

The exhibition 'The colours of the sacred' has been organized every two years since 2002. Each edition is devoted to a different theme, based on its global significance: traditions, cultures and human values have become the protagonists of an exciting journey, capable of involving the viewer and opening the doors to the emotions and questions that life embodies.

Launched as a part of the Padua events for 2016 dedicated to children, the Diocesan exhibition of the Museo Dioesano Padova i colori del sacro has also soon conquered the adult audience thanks to the natural and immediate communication power that are contained in the images.

The illustrations of the artists featured in 'The colours of the sacred', in Padova, have become a means to learn about cultures, traditions and values different from ours, offering multiple opportunities for dialogue and exchange of ideas. Languages and styles combine to give life to an exhibition of great beauty and originality, in which there are stories, feelings and experiences that push the visitor to the introspection. These are illustrations that each of us can complete with one's own experience, finding in them elements of self-being.

New and original initiatives help to enrich each exhibition of the Diocesan Museum in Padua - The colours of the sacred, offering the chance to experience, understand and get in connection with the guiding theme.

The 8th edition of 'The colours of the sacred', around the table, is dedicated to a topic as simple as open to many facets. We sit at the table to eat, to meet, to talk, to know or encounter something or someone new…At the table families come together to share dinner and experiences of the day, meet friends, celebrate achievements and seal contracts and agreements. Around a simple table you can find the entire world, each folk with its traditions, its patterns and colours, each person with their peculiarities and life.

When we sit at the table we start a sensory journey of tastes, emotions, relationships, and values. Sitting at a table is a way to show your hospitality, to welcome someone to create and nurture a relationship.

The new exhibition in Italy for 2016 at the Diocesan Museum of Padova invites observation and listening: be open, ready to take different perspectives and to upset your beliefs. The 8th international Diocesan exhibition of illustration will show you different habits and cultures from yours, languages and traditions that offer new viewpoints and ideas of coexistence.

During the period of the exhibition the colours of the sacred, the Diocesan Museum, Padua, promotes numerous events designed to enrich the experience of the visit: the cultural enrichment initiatives such as animated readings, shows and tastings, aimed at both families and adults will be dedicated to getting to know the artists, experimentation and the discovery of some places of the historical centre of Padua.

Italy, Argentina, Australia, Spain, Russia, France, Uruguay, Germany, UK, Iran, Bolivia, Greece and Japan are just some of the countries of origin of selected illustrators taking part in 'The colours of the sacred' around the table 2016 in Padova: traditions and very different cultures will communicate around a table! At the 'table' in a general sense, is seen as space and place of meeting, get-together to share and exchange experiences, information and food.

In addition to the illustrations, the exhibition of 'The colours of the sacred' at the Museo Diocesan in Padova boasts four paintings of an evangelical theme, linked to the main theme of the exhibition. These works come from the Padua area and their presence at the Museo Diocesan of Padova has a double meaning: on the one hand it aims to promote the art of the Padua territory, too often ignored, while on the other it aims at offering the viewer further food for thought on the meaning and language that characterize eating in the sacred art between the 14th and 16th centuries.


The colours of the sacred 2016 - Side Events

February at the Diocesan Museum of Padua' A Tavola'

  • Saturday 20th 11am: meeting with the author of 'The portfolio of an illustrator Javier Zabala meets young professionals and enthusiasts'.
  • Thursday 25th at 5pm: Presentation of the book 'at the table with the masters of art'.
  • Saturday 27th at 5pm: reading workshop 'Feasting with the wolf'.

March at the Diocesan Museum of Padua 'A Tavola'

  • Saturday 5th 5pm: reading workshop 'Dinner with Friot'.
  • Tuesday 8th: day for women 'Illustrations and bubbles!' - Reduced entrance fee to the exhibition for all women; starting from 6pm aperitif offered by Vignalta.
  • Sunday 13th 4pm: theatre play 'Heine and Ghul. The cous cous fable 'of the Storks Theatre Company.
  • Wednesday 16 from 6.30pm: HAPPYART! with 'artistic aperitif' and live music.
  • Saturday 19th: Day for daddies 'Daddy Daddy I invite you to the museum!' - Free entrance to all the fathers with their children; tastings.
  • Monday 21st 9pm: meeting and tasting 'A story that tastes good'.
  • Thursday 24th, Friday 25th and Tuesday 29th from 8.30am to 1pm: Can I have a piece?' Tastings of Easter traditions for children.

April at the Diocesan Museum of Padua 'A Tavola'

  • Saturday 2nd 5pm: Children's workshop 'A strange table'.
  • Sunday 10th 5pm: reading workshop 'From farm to fork'.
  • Wednesday 13th from 6.30pm: HAPPYART! with 'art' aperitif.
  • Thursday 14th 9pm: meeting and tasting 'The table in the Bible'.
  • Sunday 17th at 3.30pm and at 5pm: theatre show 'The lyrical refrigerator' by Antonio Panzuto.
  • Wednesday 20th 9pm: presentation of the book 'The Sunday lunch. At the table you stay seated '; tastings.

May at the Diocesan Museum of Padua 'A Tavola'

  • Friday 6th 5pm: meeting 'Copyright.. chocolate!' Three great Masters reveal their secrets to the public.
  • Saturday 7th afternoon: tasting 'An ice cream that tastes good' - free tasting for all visitors of the exhibition.
  • Sunday 8th 4pm: theatre show 'Good habits and twelve grains' by Marco Zoppello.
  • Wednesday 11 from 6.30pm: HAPPYART! with 'art' aperitif.
  • Wednesday 4, Wednesday 11 and Wednesday 18 at 10.30am: a series of meetings 'Mothers in the square!' - Mothers, new parents and all those who deal with babies can talk about the importance of reading aloud and creativity from the first months of life of each child along with scholars and industry experts. Appointment at the Caffè della Piazzetta - Via San Martino and Solferino, 49.
  • Tuesday 31st at 6pm: guided tour of the School of Charity.

June at the Diocesan Museum of Padua 'A Tavola'

  • Tuesday 7th 6pm: guided tour of the Refectory of the Abbey of Santa Giustina.
  • Wednesday 8th from 6.30pm: HAPPYART! with 'art' aperitif.
  • Tuesday 14th at 6pm: guided tour of the Old Refectory of the College of Dimesse.
  • Monday 13th to Friday 17th and Monday 20th to Friday, June 24th, from 8:30am to 12:30pm (or until 4pm): summer camp for children of primary school.


Diocesan Museum of Padua - Show 'The colours of the sacred'

Piazza Duomo, 12

The colours of the sacred times

Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 7pm

Closed: non-holiday Mondays, Easter Monday

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