Combai Chestnut festival: the best known traditional appointment with autumn produces in the Alpine area of Treviso

the best known traditional appointment with autumn produces in the Alpine area of Treviso

From 05 October 2012 to 28 October 2012


From 5 to 28 October 2012 one of the tastiest food and wine events in Veneto is back: the Combai Chestnut Festival.

Awarded the IGP certification, the castagne of Combai represent one of the most famous food and wine products of Treviso, celebrated every year with a big festival in October.

Now in its 68th edition, the festival dedicated to the marroni of Combai (Treviso) is one of the most famous and popular chestnut festivals in Veneto.

Combai is a small town in the Province of Treviso, located at the foot of the beautiful Alps and not far from Treviso. The chestnut festival is therefore also an excellent opportunity to discover these beautiful areas, and their little-known historical and artistic gems surrounded by the stunning colours of autumn.

In addition to the characteristic centre of Combai, the area known as the Treviso Hills, is scattered with beautiful historic buildings such as the Cistercian Abbey of Follina, Castelbrando in Cison di Valmarino, the sanctuary of the Madonna del Carmine in Miane and the ancient church of San Pietro di Feletto, not to mention the beautiful trails that meander through the woods of chestnut trees or among the vast vineyards of the Prosecco wine area.

The area of production of the Combai chestnuts is vast and includes as many as 11 of the 16 municipalities of the Mountain Authority of the Treviso Alps, bordered on the west by the River Piave, to the east and north by the lower slopes of the Cansiglio Forest and to the south by a long line of hills.

Among the many chestnut celebrations in Treviso, Combai combines delicious tastings with a variety of collateral events that evoke ancient customs and traditions such as markets with local specialities and crafts, walks, sports and entertainment: an engaging and exciting festival to celebrate this great autumn product. During the Festa delle Castagne in Combai, chestnuts are cooked in a variety of ways, either roasted in the traditional "rostidore" and as an ingredient of delicious products such as cakes, beers, jams and other typical foods.

Do not miss one of the tastiest food and wine festivals in Italy: 5 to 28 October Combai is waiting for you to celebrate its tasty IGP chestnuts!

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Period: From 05 October 2012 to 28 October 2012

Event location: Combai (Treviso)

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