Comunipane 2011

From 20 June 2011 to 22 June 2011

Bread, as everybody knows, is never missing on an Italian dining table, due to its nice, rich and gorgeous taste (to the detriment of those on a diet who must give it up but perhaps it is not known to everyone the amount of work a baker must put in to make it. Forced to get up in the very early hours, he can lie down for a rest only when the rest of the world has fully woken up.

From 20 to 22 June Comunipane is back in Vighizzolo dEste, in the Vicenza province, the third technical meeting on Italian bread, during which the Italian Bread Academy is getting ready to launch a revolutionary idea: an innovative bread making machine, with which bakers will not have to work at unsociable hours, thanks to a long lasting variety of bread, that could be this way made also by young people and women.

This subject will be debated during the opening talk show on 20 June, led by Allan Bay, the press editor of Great Cooking and Bruno Gambacorta, from Tg2 Eat Parade.

The following two days, 21 and 22 June, will be dedicated to tasting the new kind of bread, prepared by bakers from everywhere in Italy, under the guidance of the renowned chef Marco Vallettta.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff