Concerts at Piazzola sul Brenta: a line-up of artists for the 2012 summer

From 04 July 2012 to 21 July 2012

In the enchanting scenery of the Camerini amphitheatre, a series of great concerts will take place in July 2012, a series of great concerts are planned to take place that will bring to Piazzola sul Brenta big international music celebrities. Following the tradition of the past years, that has seen on the stage of Piazzola sul Brenta world known famous artists such as Elton John, Duran Duran, Bob Dylan and Patty Smith - alternatives to Italian stars such as Jovanotti, Mod, Giovanni Allevi and Fiorello - next summer will see famous names perform in the traditional location of the wonderful Venetian Villa of Piazzola sul Brenta. For the 2012 summer, as part of the Hydrogen Live Festival, the following artists will arrive at Piazzola sul Brenta: -Joan Baez (4th July the queen of folk music and a long-standing human rights activist, will stage one of the four not-to-be-missed concerts of her Italian tour;-Billy Idol (7th July one of the 80s icons is coming to Piazzola sul Brenta for the only concert in Italy of his 2012 tour;-Tiziano Ferro (8th July the only concert in the North East of Italy of Tiziano Ferros hit summer tour LAmore una cosa semplice; -Sting (10 July the ex leader of the Police doesnt need any introductions: singer, author, actor and acclaimed world activist, he will disembark at Piazzola sul Brenta to present once again the biggest classics from his repertoire; -Wolfmother (11 July defined the heirs of the Led Zeppelin and winners in 2007 of a Grammy Award, this Australian rock group has sold two million copies in the last few years; -The Cult (13 July who will present at Piazzola sul Brenta their ninth album;- Giacobazzi Show (14th July the renowned Zelig artist presents his show The Apocalypse with miming and humour in an entertaining and thought provoking show; -Analis Morissette (17 July the Canadian star will return to Italy after four years from her exhibition at the Heineken Jammin Festival in 2008, ready to enchant Piazzola sul Brenta with her melodic rock.-Franco Battiato and the Arturo Toscanini philharmonic orchestra (19th July with the accompaniment of one of the most important Italian philharmonic orchestras, Battiato will showcase a unique concert with many reinterpretations of some of his greatest music compositions;-Ben Harper (20th July great music with the sophisticated, eclectic and unique sound that has made this artist a true hit;-Massimo Ranieri (21st July a unique opportunity to listen to some of the best records from the long-standing music career of this Naples-born artist, an emotional presentation of words and music blended together.

The suggestive and historical location of the concerts - the Venetian Villa of Piazzola sul Brenta - deserves a few extra words.

A Baroque background in the main square of Piazzola sul Brenta, Villa Contarini is one of the largest residences in Europe. This marvellous Venetian Villa, probably built on the foundations of a previous building, was planned for the Contarini family from the great Andrea Palladio around 1546. Due to numerous alterations and extensions in the late 600, which gave villa Contarini the architectural complexity and richness that still distinguish it today, very little remains of the original Palladio project. After a period of neglect, in the second half of the 19th century, the large Venetian Villa at the time lying in ruins - was taken back to the ancient glory by the Camerini family.

The interiors of this Venetian Villa are noteworthy for the architectural details, often enriched with precious arrangements, which make the rooms of Villa Contarini truely scenic masterpieces - such as the famous Galleria delle Conchiglie, which has its ceilings and walls decorated with real shells. From the main entrance you walk into the spacious auditorium, whose ceiling, open at the centre, communicates with the music room on the third floor, which has an opening at the centre of the floor. The hall is famous for its upturned guitar shape and the opening serves the purpose of improving the acoustics, so that the music can spread towards the bottom. The two parallel wings of the venetian villa display paintings with Bible, mythological and hunting scenes as well as mosaics and perspective games. On the second floor you will be able to visit the huge library and the halls enriched with nineteenth century pieces of furniture of the Camerini family. This huge Venetian villa is also surrounded by a true oasis of peace for the protection of flora and fauna: a vast English style park with a lake, fishing lake and canals. In the last few decades the Venetian villa, completely renovated, has become a prestigious location where symposiums, congresses, art and crafts shows, concerts and other events take place.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff