Cortina 2021 Alpine World Ski Championships

Cortina d'Ampezzo, the Queen of the Dolomites, is ready to host the long-awaited Alpine World Ski Championships 2021!

From 07 February 2021 to 21 February 2021

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The long-awaited Alpine World Ski Championships will take place on February 7-21, 2021 in Cortina d'Ampezzo! A packed calendar of competitions and events that will bring together over 600 athletes from 70 nations in the Ampezzo Dolomites and, in addition, about 6,000 people including members of staff, volunteers, technicians, sports trainers, ski service and top officials.

The Cortina 2021 Alpine World Ski Championships will reach the homes of aficionados and others thanks to the use of digital technology and national and international television promotion: virtual grandstands and media centers, streaming and exclusive content on the Cortina 2021 App will allow you to enjoy live all the events of these exciting Alpine World Ski Championships!

Sport and Italian traditions, respect for the environment and a passion for all things local are the elements underpinning the Cortina 2021 project. For this reason, both during the planning stages and when taking place, sustainability will be at the core of the Cortina World Cup with the ultimate aim of reducing environmental impact thanks also to the use of new technologies. Sport is obviously the beating heart of this great event and the soul of the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The same can be said of the people living in the Ampezzo area, who have always been passionate about sport, nature and the uniqueness of this region, the ideal stage for the Ski World Championships 2021.

Can there be a championship without a nice mascot? Certainly not! Corty, the red squirrel icon of Cortina d'Ampezzo, will accompany us day after day during this exciting calendar of events and like the great champions, he will wear a skiing bib to become the official mascot of Cortina 2021!

Next to this tender mascot, the Cortina 2021 Alpine World Ski Championships will have two exceptional ambassadors: Kristian Ghedina, the host jet man, and Sofia Goggia, Olympic champion and winner of the discipline cup in 2018.

The shape and meaning of the logo, designed by Italo Lupi and Heads Collective (Renzo di Renzo), contain all the elements that characterize these Italian-style World Ski Championships: the snow crystallizes into snowflakes and creates the title of this event with Italy and Cortina joined in the badge, where the Italian flag is combined with the blue color of the team kit. The protagonist is the red squirrel, the icon of the Ampezzo area.

Are you ready to tune in so as not to miss any moment of these great Championships?

The first date to mark on your diary is 7 February: a spectacular opening ceremony will start the Ski World Cup 2021 with a show that will bring together Cortina d'Ampezzo, dubbed the Queen of Snow, with Venice, known as the Queen of Waters. A communion that will give life to original performances in which the Venice Carnival will leave its mark: a parade of traditional and modern costumes and masks, designed by Antonia Sautter's Venetian atelier, and rainbow colors which will brighten up the snow of our wonderful Dolomites.

Below is the Alpine Skiing World Cup 2021 calendar of races:

- Sunday, February 7: Opening Ceremony FIS Alpine World Ski Championships Cortina 2021

- Monday, February 8: Women’s Alpine Combined

- Tuesday, February 9: Women's Super-G and Men's Super-G

- Wednesday, 10 February: Men's Alpine Combined

- Thursday, 11 February: Women's Downhill Qualifying Race and Men's Downhill Qualifying Race

- Friday, February 12: Men's Downhill Qualifying Race and Women's Downhill Qualifying Race

- Saturday, February 13: Women's downhill

- Sunday, February 14: Men's downhill

- Monday, February 15: Rest Day

- Tuesday, February 16: Parallel Slalom Qualifying Race and Parallel Slalom Finals

- Wednesday, February 17: Team Parallel Slalom

- Thursday, February 18: Women’s Giant Slalom (first run) and Women’s Giant Slalom (second run)

- Friday, February 19: Men's Giant Slalom (first run) and Men's Giant Slalom (second run)

- Saturday, February 20: Women's Slalom (first run) and Women's Slalom (second run

- Sunday, 21 February: Men's Slalom (first run) and Men's Slalom (second run)


By Insidecom Editorial Staff