Cortina Dobbiaco Run 2016

17th Dolomiti Marathon in Cortina!

05 June 2016


Sports friends, everything is ready for the Cortina Dobbiaco Run 2016! On Sunday 5th June the 17th edition of this extraordinary Cortina d'Ampezzo marathon in the Dolomites will be held, which has become an event not to be missed for all fans.

The Dobbiaco Cortina Run takes place every year at the beginning of the summer season, in the enchanting world of the Pallidi Mountains. The Cortina Dobbiaco schedule involves a journey of 30 km, from the town of Cortina d'Ampezzo, running through the spectacular landscape that only the Dolomites can offer, ending at Dobbiaco known tourist destination of Alta Pusteria.

The Cortina Dobbiaco Run, a beautiful marathon in the Dolomites, started in the '90s thanks to Gianni Poli, great Italian athlete who has had notable victories such as the bronze medal in the 1983 European Marathon Cup, first place in the 1986 New York Marathon, a bronze medal in the 1989 World Marathon Cup and a silver medal at the European Championships in 1990. In 1988 Poli, while training to join the Boston Marathon, along the route of the modern Cortina Dobbiaco, fell in love with the beauty of the panorama of the Dolomites, its mountains, meadows and forests. Hence the idea of founding the Dolomiti Marathon, to share experiences and emotions with other athletes and running fans.

The Cortina Dobbiaco Run race follows the railway line that once linked the city of Cortina d'Ampezzo to Dobbiaco, through pristine natural countryside. Suffice to say that the Dolomites have been recognized as a World Heritage Site for their unique and unmatched beauty!

The Cortina d'Ampezzo marathon starts from city called the 'Queen of the Dolomites': the first part of the route of the race is slightly uphill, with spectacular passages in tunnels and small bridges over transparent streams, until you reach Passo Cima Banche that divides two provinces and two different regions, Bolzano in Trentino Alto Adige and Belluno in Veneto: its height of 1530 metres is the maximum height reached along the route and one of the most difficult moments of the Cortina Run.

Continuing, the route of the marathon Cortina Dobbiaco then descends to Lake Landro from where you can admire the Cristallo Group mountains. Past the lake, the symbol of the Dolomites will appear: the Tre Cime di Lavaredo (Three Peaks). Famous throughout the world for their grandeur and for their charm, they are a popular holiday destination for nature lovers due to the stunning views they offer and for their extraordinary beauty. A few kilometres after there is the Alpine Lake of Dobbiaco, another picturesque site along the route of the Cortina Dobbiaco race. The path at this point is nearing its end: from the woods the first houses in Dobbiaco become visible for the final kilometre of the race. Upon arrival, in the wonderful park of the Dobbiaco Grand Hotel, the Cortina marathon participants will be greeted by the applause of a large audience, which will mark the end of this beautiful marathon in the Dolomites.

With the passing of time, the Run Cortina Dobbiaco has had more and more success, becoming one of the most anticipated Cortina events. Every summer about four thousand participating athletes from all over the world, including Australia, South Africa and Morocco attend this race.

Cortina Dobbiaco Run program 2016

  • Thursday 2nd June at 10.00 am - Camminagustando: a non competitive walk to discover the Dolomites and the local specialities.
  • Friday 3rd June at 6.30 pm - Sunset Run: competitive 11 km race departing from Landro Lake at sunset. The arrival point is located in the park of the Dobbiaco Grand Hotel.
  • Saturday 4th June at 11.00 am - Kids' Run: non competitive reces dedicated to children up to 14 years old. Departure and arrival point in the park of the Dobbiaco Grand Hotel.
  • Saturday 4th June at 4.00 pm - Run For Charity: the proceeds of this 8.5 km charity race will be donated to Debra and Mamazone Associaton.
  • Sunday 5th June at 9.30 am - Cortina Dobbiaco Run!


Cortina d'Ampezzo is the departure city of Cortina Dobbiaco Marathon. The town began its tourist growth around the middle of the 1800s; since the 1900s it has become the most important centre of the Dolomites, attracting thousands of tourists all year round. During the summer, Cortina offers endless possibilities for hiking and walking, as well as many other outdoor sports. In winter, Cortina becomes an ideal destination for lovers of skiing, with 110 kilometres of ski slopes, 58 trails and 37 lifts. Both young and old can enjoy tobogganing, ice skating or walking on the snow with the typical 'snowshoes'. Over the years, the presence of artists, intellectuals, celebrities and protagonists have made Cortina d'Ampezzo one of the most exclusive destinations in Italy, thanks to the presence of a rich calendar of events catering for all tastes.

Do not miss the 17th Cortina Dobbiaco Run on 5th June: runners and nature will help to create a wonderful and truly unique sports event! Discover the beauty of the Dolomites Cortina Dobbiaco race: book one of our beautiful hotels in Cortina and enjoy a relaxing holiday with nature.

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Period: 05 June 2016

Event location: Cortina d’Ampezzo (Bl)

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