Cortinametraggio 2019

The festival of short films that has enchanted spectators and critics is back!

From 18 March 2019 to 24 March 2019

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In the rich calendar of Dolomites events in 2019 in Cortina, March plays a leading role thanks to a fixture that, year after year, is steadily gaining greater recognition from the public and the critics: the Cortinametraggio short film festival in Italy.

Cortinametraggio 2019 will be held from 18 to 24 March and feature a week of great events, celebrations and unmissable screenings… To welcome the spring in the beautiful scenery of the Pearl of the Dolomites!

Cortinametraggio - International Short Film Festival in Italy

Confirmed among the most anticipated short films festivals in Italy, the Cortina film festival will offer seven days (18-24 March) of screenings, workshops, meetings, tributes, exhibits and curiosities dedicated to short films.

Launched in the ‘90s as an innovative showcase for the Cortina film festival, Cortinametraggio is a short genre film festival that offers visibility to emerging filmmakers with the aim of promoting interaction between films and the audience. After a short pause, in 2010 this movie festival in Italy was revived in a totally new version that has captivated the public and the experts in the industry. This year there will be a range of new features, including the addition of two side sections where awards for music videos will be handed out: Mainstream and Underground. The Mainstream section is dedicated to established artists with a more substantial budget, while Underground is open to all those wishing to make themselves known in the world of cinema.

Cortinametraggio 2019 aims to promote cinema, and above all its special bond with Cortina, thanks to an exclusive partnership with West 46th Films, which has given life to a project called 'Proiezione Futuro'. The project will feature for the first time a new experiment in Virtual Reality by virtue of innovative all-round self-filming systems and aerial shots of the magnificent surroundings of Cortina d'Ampezzo to allow the public to immerse themselves in its marvelous landscapes and enjoy a first-person experience.

This year Cortinametraggio - International Short Film Festival presents 21 films for the Short Films section, chosen among the over 450 short films that entered the competition: these are intelligent comedies that focus on every day’s life and its problems and also short films linked to the theme of integration as a representation of our society becoming increasingly multi-ethnic.

For the Videoclip Musicali section, on the other hand, 22 films were selected out of 150 submissions, where great names of the Italian music scene stand out among independent and acclaimed authors.

Important collaborations with Rai, National Union of Italian Film Journalists, Experimental Centre of Cinematography and the National Short Film Centre testify to the success and interest around the Cortinametraggio festival, which over the years has seen artists the likes of Ricky Tognazzi, Veronica Pivetti, Cinzia Th Torrini, Omar Pedrini, Jane Alexander, Enrico Lo Verso, Alessandro Preziosi, Giorgio Pasotti, Maria Grazia Cucinotta and many other famous stars of Italian cinema parading on its red carpet. This year there will be a great guest of honor to open the 14th edition of Cortinametraggio: Barbara Bouchet, the undisputed champion of 1970s Italian cinema and a disarmingly beautiful sex symbol!

The Cortinametraggio film festival program for 2019 includes for the second consecutive year the Medusa Prize, which is handed out to the best screenplay for an author’s first production of a long film. The competition is open to those aged between 18 and 40 of Italian nationality or permanently resident in Italy. A jury made up of critics jointly nominated by Medusa and Cortinametraggio, and comprising directors, screenwriters, actors and well-known producers, will select the Cortinametraggio productions for the Medusa prize.

In addition to the Eden Cinema - the historic location of Cortinametraggio - events scheduled in 2019 will be based at the Grand Hotel Savoia, where there will be presentations, cocktails, food and gala evenings.

Conferences dedicated to cinema and its protagonists, meetings and book presentations complement the rich Cortinametraggio film festival 2019 program. A series of Dolomites events to experience the cinema festivals in Italy in all its facets, next to established and new competitions of short films.

Worthy of mention is also the workshop 'Acting and Film Making Intensive Workshop: Directing the Actors' conducted by Maestro Daniele Lucchetti and organized by the festival of cinema in Cortina in collaboration with the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, as part of the CSC Lab project. Daniele Lucchetti will work with the actors and directors to suggest different acting interpretations that can be relied upon to achieve an original performance, coherent with the character but at the same time highlighting the qualities of the actor. The seminar is also open to aspiring directors who want to start learning about what can be achieved when a director and an actor are working together.

Cortinametraggio, great cinema is again enchanting Cortina d'Ampezzo during the month of March! Visit Cortina d'Ampezzo during this great event. A unique opportunity to combine the beauty of the Dolomites with the unique beauty that has always characterized this picturesque Venetian resort!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff