Cycle of Classical Performances at the Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza

72nd Cycle of Classical Plays

From 19 September 2019 to 26 October 2019

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‘The Gods who are not dear to young people die’ is the title of the new edition of the Cycle of the Teatro Olimpico performances, a clear semantic inversion of Menandro’s quote ‘Those dear to the Gods dye young’. The artistic project is entrusted to Giancarlo Marinelli, who wants to bring to the Olympic Theater shows that will focus on the most revolutionary aspects of the heroes in the Greek tragedy.

The title recalls the great theme of rebellion within the relationship between men, Fate and the Gods, the human and profound need to break down and go beyond that sort of 'iron curtain' which is the border between the formers and the latters. ‘The Gods who are not dear to young people die’ also underlies another choice: staging at the Olympic Theater means supporting its monumental beauty and uniqueness, with a programme of incredible premieres designed for this place, capable of entering into dialogue with space and with classicism. Today’s spectators will strongly perceive the strength and the pathos of the classical world.

The Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza program of the 72nd cycle of classic shows will stage 7 performances from September 19 to October 26! The event will open with an artistic dedication to Giorgio Albertazzi, one of the great masters of the Italian scene who has played several times the stage of the Palladian Theater. Director Maurizio Scaparro will direct the staging of ‘Frammenti di Memorie di Adriano’ to remember Albertazzi and his work ‘Memorie di Adriano’.

Since 1934 the Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza - the oldest covered theater in the history of Western culture – has hosted one of the most important and uninterrupted cycles of classic shows, a series of theatrical performances dedicated to classical theater. In recent years, the Olympic Theatre classic shows in Vicenza have also featured contemporary theater and welcomed some of the greatest interpreters and directors of the 20th century.


72nd Cycle of Classic Shows - Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza programmme 2019:



Curated by Maurizio Scaparro and Ferdinando Ceriani

Teatro Olimpico

September 19-22, 21.00

An original script compiled starting from the work of Marguerite Yourcenar and based on the comments and personal writings noted on the memoirs of the last emperor of theater. Snippets of a poetic discourse and the sense of a human being at the end of life are deeply intertwined in a staging full of connotations, an extraordinary tribute of the 2019 Teatro Olimpico Vicenza Festival to Giorgio Albertazzi who in his latest interpretation, 'The merchant of Venice ‛, was directed by Giancarlo Marinelli, the current artistic director.



Directed by Alessandra Pizzi

Teatro Olimpico

September 27-28, 21.00

Among Plato’s many works, Apologia is certainly the one with the richest information regarding Socrates’s thought. The work appears as an unconditional defense by the author, Plato, of the figure and teaching of his beloved teacher, before the grave accusations of impiety, corruption of the young, introduction of new divinities and denial of the traditional ones, which brought him to trial, the cause of which must certainly be traced to the misinterpretation of his thought.

During the trial, Socrates questions the judicial error of which he was the victim: a mistake that recalls those to which history and news have accustomed us so much, and which recalls, anticipating it, the greatest mistake committed by humanity against the innocent, culminating in the icon of the crucifixion.

The dramaturgical adaptation respects the originality of Plato’s text and wants to tell a human story, which is that of many: of those who every day are subjected to the judgment and scorn of the crowd, because they are different, and of those who under the weight of a wrong and ignominious accusation have lost their life.



Directed by Gianpiero Alighiero Borgia

Teatro Olimpico

October 2-4-6-9-10-11-12-13, 18.00

October 1-2-3-4-5-6-8-9-10-11-12-13, 21.00

‘Medea per strada’ is an experience that goes beyond the simple attendance of a theatrical performance. During this Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza, Italy, show of 2019, the spectators will be invited to get onboard on a small van resembling a theater, or a traveling brothel, and travel through all the streets of prostitution. On the way they will meet Medea who will tell the story of a young migrant, who ran away from her own country, arrived in Italy and ended up working as a prostitute for a man she believes is reciprocating her love for him and who is the father of her two children. Inside the vehicle an inner story unfolds, intimate and mythical at the same time. The road winds outside, indifferent to our everyday life and for this reason it acquires a new meaning.



Directed by Emilio Russo

Teatro Olimpico

October 4-5-6, 21.00

You will embark on a one-way trip to Medea but the return trip is all to be deciphered, compared and understood during this play of the cycle of the Olympic Theatre classic shows in Vicenza. And yet, eventually you will have to hit the road back, perhaps trying to look inside and beyond that blinding light of the sun, the final goal of Medea's winged chariot, so why not follow it to where it is possible? It is Euripides himself who disseminates through the words and actions of the tragedy the traces of a path that reaches us, distracted and corrupted by the loss of an ethical world, but still sensitive, despite everything and despite ourselves, towards the search of the meaning and of the direction of that "thing" that we continue to call man.



Directed by Andrea Chiodi

Teatro Olimpico

October 11-12-13, 21.00

Ecuba is a staging produced by the Centro Teatrale Bresciano, a reinterpretation of Euripide's text by Irish playwright Marina Carr (translated by Monica Capuani), directed by Andrea Chiodi. Ecuba stages a story with a fast and linked rhythm, where the accurate descriptions of actions, crimes, passions and affections bounce from one character to another, tracing the coordinates of a bloody and eternal myth that progressively reinvents and rebuilds itself in the verbal struggle of the protagonists, summoned to make events emerge from the deep well of the past, to give them new life and voice.

In this production – staged for the first time as part of the 72nd Olympic Theatre in Vicenza classic plays - the whole tragedy of ancient and contemporary is revisited: there is the universal desperation of a mother, the struggle of the children, the cruelty of power, loneliness and humiliation of the vanquished. The theme of war remains dominant and inescapable, no longer as a historical or mythological fact, but as a direct and ferocious clash in the minds of the characters, a conflict that becomes increasingly private and interior. The playwright carried out a daring task of reassembling the materials of ancient tragedy, building a dizzying interlocking narration between the characters who become the narrators, both internal and external, of a terrible and very human story.



Vittorio Sgarbi

Olympic Theater

October 26-27, 21.00

Palladio and the order of the world, a tribute and dedication to the genius of Andrea Palladio, will come to life in the words of Vittorio Sgarbi in an exclusive Lectio Olimpica.


Don’t miss the rich 2019 Teatro Olimpico Vicenza program and stop for a few days in Vicenza to discover the city of Palladio with our fascinating guided tours!


By Insidecom Editorial Staff