DCO. Art in Italy 1919-1939

From 31 January 2009 to 28 June 2009

Palazzo Roverella plays host to a large exhibition inspired by Italian art. After the success of the exhibition dedicated to art from the Belle Epoque, we turn now to Art Décoo: a style, or rather a taste, which permeated the entire artistic spectrum between the two world wars, adjoining the elegance of form to the mere concept of functionality. The term Art Déco was coined during the 70s by art historians who saw a common denominator in its individual themes and figurative formulae. There was no one precise theory behind it, rather the manifestation of a particular taste and sensibility. Art Déco reached its peak during the 1920s and 30s, and was characterised by numerous facets, inspired by the geometry of the mechanised world, by the prismatic forms of the metro systems, and by the elegance of classical models. It then became appropriated by the public domain, as a label for the latest fashion. Until today the term is generally synonymous with its focus on the decorative arts, interior design, and architecture. Only recently has the term been applied to other arts where its consonances are to be perceived. The current exhibition aims to offer the public a way of reading the history of Art Décoo from the focus of the pictorial arts as well as sculpture (a section is dedicated to this aspect). The exhibition is divided into 11 thematic section: Decorative inflexions of Art Décoo; Towards a new synthesis; Esoteric horizons; Vittorio Zecchin and Murano: Déco in glass and paint; Futuristic divagations; The geometry of Futurism; The severity of Deco; The dream of the antique; Gi Ponti: Around Richard-Ginori; Déco sculpure; Déco graphic art.

The exhibition is promoted by the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Padova e Rovigo in collaboration with Accademia dei Concordi e Comune di Rovigo. Curated by Dario Matteoni and Francesca Cagianelli; Direction: Alessia Vedova.

Information: Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Padova e RovigoTel 049.8761855 - Fax 049.657335 info@fondazionecariparo.itPress Office Studio ESSECIinfo@studioesseci.net

By Insidecom Editorial Staff