De André

13 February 2010


After a summer sell-out tour Cristiano de André returns to the stage for a concert in Paduas Gran Teatro on Saturday 13 February.

Cristiano De André, multi-instrumentalist, composer and singer, embarks on a new tour, promising to be a voyage through the songs which have made him one of the big names in Italian music.With his rock soul and more intimiate acustic nature De André plays a variety of instruments, from bouzouki to violin, and is here accompanied by four noteworthy musicians.

Son of the famous Fabrizio de André who died 10 years ago, Cristiano is proving himself a worthy successor to his fathers talents.

Tickets start from 30.50 plus sales charges, and are on sale online at and direct from Coin Ticketstore Padua and Treviso, Boxoffice, Primi alla Prima (Banca del veneziano, BCC del veneto, Casse rurali trentine Cariparo, Unicredit, Ticketone, and Charta.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: 13 February 2010

Event location: Gran Teatro, Padova