De Chirico, Fontana and the great masters of 900, a century between reality and imagination

From 24 March 2012 to 15 July 2012

From March 24th to July 15th the suggestive Palazzo della Ragione in Padova will act as the enchanting setting for the exhibition De Chirico, Fontana and the great masters of the 900, a century between reality and imagination. Emphasizing dream and reality, the exhibition will display paintings and sculptures of 60 great artists of the 20th century originating from the prestigious Mazzolini collection, which came into being due to a genuine and ardent interest for the arts of the 900 and is considered a real treasure collection of unique pieces. The exhibited works enshrine sentiments and events that come to life through the eyes and the expressions of those painters and sculptors who have perhaps interpreted the most complex period of human history in an innovative way, putting a dramatic end to a thousand years long repertoire of representations, paintings and sculptures. Donated to the Diocese of Piacenza by the Piacenza noblewoman Domenica Rosa Mazzolini, the collection lists 899 works with contemporary arts paintings, graphics and sculptures. Amongst these, 120 paintings and 6 sculptures have been selected amongst the most representative ones to act as a valuable example of the passing of time of the century that has changed more than any other time the way of living of humanity, marking an intense period of torments, contradictions and innovations. Amongst the featured artistis: Giorgio De Chirico, Lucio Fontana, Carlo Carr, Ottone Rosai, Luigi Veronesi, Filippo De Pisis, Massimo Campigli, Mario Sironi, Giuseppe Capogrossi, Virgilio Guidi, Ennio Morlotti, Gi Pomodoro, Piero Manzoni ed Enrico Baj. The exhibition will be divided in thematic areas offering visitors a series of parentheses acting as a central thread through the 20th century, a multi-faceted and intense period due to its strong contradictions and transformations. To promote and facilitate the understanding of the works in the exhibition, visitors will be autonomously guided via touch screen monitors and displays to discover important historic particulars, details and implications. A not to be missed exhibition where, for the first time, it will be possible to admire, through a heterogeneous narrative path, subdivided in figurative and abstract digressions, masterpieces whose main value relies in their communicative impact and their ability to arouse strong emotions.
By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 24 March 2012 to 15 July 2012

Event location: Palazzo della Ragione Padova