Delizie d’Autunno 2019

Let yourself be raptured by the vibrant colors of autumn in the lands of the province of Treviso! A food and wine festival that brings to the table the best of this thriving season!

From 30 August 2019 to 01 December 2019

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Summer is by now definitely over and autumn is here: in the area of the province of Treviso the colors of the fruits of this season will take centre stage at Delizie d'Autunno 2019, a food and wine festival promoted by Unpli Treviso that will run from 30 August to 1 December 2019 to promote a unique journey around unique produce and recipes that are preserved thanks to Autumn festivals in 2019 in the province of Treviso.

Enveloped by bright colors, scented village banquets and sun dappled landscapes, every week you will discover the incredible heritage of delicacies that should be preserved precisely because they are unique: you can taste juicy Monfumo apples, let yourself be overwhelmed by the scent of Montello mushrooms, warm yourself up with Combai and Monfenera Chestnuts or taste fabulous Trippa di Tovena or Spiedo Gigante of Pieve di Soligo ... everything will be gently washed down with top quality wines that, together with the gastronomic offers, will draw a map of the many traditional Treviso produce.

You are already mouth-watering, aren’t you?!

So, mark these dates in your diary and don't miss any of the events in 2019 in Treviso!

  • 63rd Spiedo Gigante, Pieve di Soligo, October 4-6 and 11-13, 2019: an authentic gastronomic delicacy that requires hours and hours of cooking by the menarosti, specialists recognized by a specific Confraternity. The spit in the square, based on quails, represents a unique gastronomic event, which every year attracts enthusiasts from Italy and abroad. This year, the 63rd edition of Spiedo Gigante will have a number of interesting new features in its calendar, there will also be a Spiedo Gigante D’Alta Marca! Among the collateral events, do not miss the historic tug-of-war competition between the towns of Trevisan and Contà.


  • 49th Chestnut Festival, Tarzo, October 5-6, 12-13 and 19-20, 2019: a feast with chestnuts from Colmaggiore and the Tarzese hills roasted for the public using a giant pan. During the party, in addition to grilled specialties, the kitchen’s menu offers several particular and characteristic dishes such as polenta and mus, wild boar, deer, spit. And to discover the places where the prestigious chestnut grows, guided tours are organized to characteristic and evocative places in the area, on the hills between the chestnut trees of Tarzo or along the ‘Via dei Murales’.


  • 34th Mycological Exhibition, San Vito di Altivole, October 5-6, 11-13 and 18-20, 2019: here mushrooms are displayed by reproducing the natural environment in which they are found, with associated information on their edibility and toxicity. The dish that identifies this event is the 'mycological dish', composed of fresh gnocchi with mushrooms, corn cream, stew, stuffed cap and mixed mushrooms.


  • 45th Exhibition and Market of the Marroni of Monfenera, Pederobba, from October 5 to October 27, 2019 (Saturday and Sunday): it will be possible to taste, besides the local chestnuts, also many dishes and typical produce of the area accompanied by concerts and shows.


  • 75th Festa dei Marroni, Combai, from October 11 to 3 November, 2019: walks to discover chestnut woods, small villages and places of naturalistic value and those of the Great War...but the best entertainment takes place along the steep streets of the village: in the afternoons of Saturday and Sunday the 'Fantastica Via' will be set up with an exhibition of craft works, wood sculptures, while in various hamlets numerous shows will be staged for children. During the whole duration of the event, other produce such as honey, sweets and ice cream, all strictly based on chestnuts, can also be tasted. In some evenings, local dishes will also be offered combined with ‘La combaiota’ chestnut beer.


  • 1st edition Autumn Colors and Flavors, Quinto di Treviso, October 12-13, 2019: A weekend to promote the agri-food excellences of the mild autumn season and delight guests with fun, entertainment, gastronomy, nature and culture as well as recreational activities and fun for the little ones, show cooking with renowned Chefs, workshops for children and of course the tasting of delicious seasonal dishes.


  • 19th Festa della Mela Cotogna, Codognè, October 13, 2019: there will be more than 150 exhibitors who will offer and show the many cooking uses of this extraordinary fruit with tastings available. The day will be lightened up by creative workshops, concerts, an exhibition of vintage crafts, fun rides, a display of old-time farmyard animals and a quince cooking show.


  • Secolare Fiera Franca dei Santi Simone e Giuda, Tovena, October 18 to November 3, 2019: it is one of the oldest events in the Province of Treviso and is known for offering 'trioven alla tovenese' and 'sopa coe trippe de San Simon' prepared according to the ancient local recipe. It will also be possible to taste the best Doc and DOCG wines from Veneto. On October 27, the "Taste of Author" exhibition and market will be held with a vast choice of local food and wine excellences on display and on offer along the ancient alleys of the town.


  • Pumpkin Festival, Sernaglia della Battaglia, October 19-20 and 26-27, 2019: the pumpkin will be the protagonist of many recipes such as gnocchi, crepes, pumpkin pasta, cappellacci, saor and fried pumpkin, bread, desserts and jams.


  • 115th Fiera Franca del Rosario, Segusino, October 25-27, 2019: a warm autumn welcome consisting of typical products based on S-cech cheese and its derivatives, all accompanied by a display of locally sourced products from the area of Segusino including sausages (from small local productions), Milies potato (a mountain potato), fruit jams and prosecco wine, goat cheese.


  • Sagra Madonna della Salute, Maser, October 27 to November 21, 2019: a new event that will offer typical dishes with local produce and ancient flavors but the absolute protagonist will be the Masera Olive Oil from the Hills and Flatland.


  • 26th Prealpi in Festa, Cordignano, October 6 to November 10, 2019: many cultural, musical, and folklore events will lighten up the magnificent piazza of the village and, as every year, there will be a symposium-context of wood sculpting: artists will create their works outdoors for the duration of the event showing their technique and creative flair to the public.


  • Festa di San Martino, Mosnigo, November 8-11 and 15-17, 2019: the festa del Santo is the opportunity to experience days in the name of friendship and companionship whilst tasting the delicacies of the local farm cuisine, in particular the 'Muset co le erbe' and also tripe, grilled meats, mushrooms and the renowned 'formai in tecia', cheese cooked on a slab.


  • S. Martino tra i Sapori d’Autunno, Paese, November 9-10: the celebrations for the anniversary of the Saint Patron have been taking place for many years with the aim of promoting the typical autumnal produce of the area, in particular kiwi. Along the streets of the town center typical local seasonal produce will be on show, but there will also be exhibitions related to the traditions related to the figure of San Martino, and an exhibition dedicated to the men from the town who fought on the frontline during WWI.


  • 46th Exhibition of Montello and Colli Asolani Wines, Volpago del Montello, November 15-17, 22-24, 29-30 and December 1, 2019: the Montello and Colli Asolani wines are offered to the public in combination with typical dishes and produce.


  • 6th National Exhibition of Passito Wines, Refrontolo, November 16-17 and 22-24, 2019: the Municipal Authority and the Wine City will showcase and offer the best dessert wines from all over Italy, accompanying them with tastings of local produce, cheeses and desserts. In the splendid Barchessa of Villa Spada, visitors will also be able to taste the 2019 vintage of Refrontolo Passito Docg.


There are many events during the Autumn Festival in 2019 and you should not miss any of them! Are you ready to admire the wonders of our region and taste its unique delicacies? Visiting the exhibitions of Autumn delicacies in 2019 in Treviso will be a really tasty experience but you could make it even more delicious and memorable thanks to our tours in Treviso and surroundings!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff