Di nuovo buonasera Tour 2009

30 April 2009

Gigi Proietti brings his usual energy to the stage of the Teatro Fiera di Padua on 30 April for a date with the Veneto public. His new show, di nuovo Buonasera, is a homage to the golden age of Variety, in particular to the curtain raiser variety which still appeals to both young and old. The performance involves a mix of styles and genres involving pieces by illustrious authors such as Eduardo de Filipo, historical parodies, new and old characters, as well as dance, songs and poetry.

Proietti will be joined on state by a troupe of 5 actors, 11 dancers and 10 musicians, providing a rich and sparkling spectacle which casts an eye at the atmosphere of the theatre of the last century.

Gigi Proietti will however be the star of the show, stealing the limelight with his inimitable presence.

The show in Padua will be the only chance to see Gigi in the Veneto region.

It was highly acclaimed in Rome, where it attracted over 170,000 spectators.

For the occasion the Padua exhibition centre will be transformed into a true theatre, with all seats in front and near the stage.

Tickets:Front row stalls numbered 65,00Stalls numbered 60,00Front gallery numbered 45,00Front gallery unnumbered 35,00

By Insidecom Editorial Staff