Distanti non Distanti - Giovanni Baglioni and Vick Frida in concert

07 April 2011

Three dates in Veneto for this show with the participation of Giovanni Baglioni, outstanding guitar player, as well as an artist following in his fathers footsteps, and Vick Frida, the Italian elettropop band lead by Enrico Fridlevski. Distanti non Distanti woodwind and wind amongst square waves is in reality a two-fold concert with a theatrical soul that brings on to the stage music as well as a script centred on the fundamental aspects of encounters. There will be musical moments that gradually bring two distant worlds to a full interaction. Initially, there will be a phase emphasizing the artistic differences amongst the two authors followed by a second one, where dialoguing becomes more and more interweaved and a symbiosis emerges. The artists themselves explain, in an evocative way, their script: we have carried out an experiment. We have got a contemporary solo acoustic guitar and a pop band with electronic sounds. We are bringing to the stage the prime factors and their results. It is like the flashback of a meeting and like two metals they melt in to the same alloy. Amongst other things, the show will have video pieces to accompany the imagination of spectators into those territories already magnificently described by the notes and talents performing on stage. Only very rarely does music follow a merely emotional purpose, detached from market orders and centred on the pleasure from what is created and shared. Distanti non Distanti woodwind and wind amongst square waves follows what is nowadays an unusual path that music will greatly benefit from. The other two dates in Veneto will be Friday April 8th at Goldoni Theatre in Bagnoli di Sopra (PD) and Saturday 9th April at the Mattarello Theatre in Arzignano (VI). At the end of the show the audience will receive free wine tasting offered by the winery Il Dominio di Bagnoli (PD).
By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: 07 April 2011

Event location: Teatro Da Ponte - Vittorio Veneto (TV)

Contacts: info@joyandjoy.it