Dove Comincia Il Sole Tour Pooh in concert

02 December 2010

The Pooh are back. Where the sun starts is the title of their inedited new album and the associated tour that comes after the departure from the band of the drum player Stefano DOrazio, the historic member who after 28 years with the band has decided to separate from it to dedicate himself to different artistic experiences. The band, now down to three members, which reminds of the Genesis song And Then There Were Three, appears all but tired, instead they have just released a very evocative piece of work, with rich contents and a powerful sound, thanks also to the fresher Steve Ferrone, whose drumsticks have previously served the likes of Eric Clapton, Duran Duran, Tom Petty and Whitney Houston, amongst the others. The equally named opening track in the album, as well as the one called Isabel are decisively winking at progressive rock, the genre the Pooh have been the standard bearer of with their albums, Parsifal just to name one, but there is no nostalgia, instead it is more like a triumph projected to the future in the name of a technique and quality which The Pooh can still master at a high level.

The event in Conegliano is one of the firsts gigs of the much awaited tour and will present a line-up to include Ferrone himself, in concert with the band in the most important venues until the beginning of December.

On stage there will be Roby Facchinetti on the keyboards, Dodi Battagia on the guitar, Red Canziani on the bass guitar, all joined by Steve Ferrone on the drums and two new musicians on the keyboards and guitars. The live event will be in perfect keeping with the Pooh style: plenty of passion, great enthusiasm and an unlimited song repertoire. There will also be many surprises.With this live concert The Pooh are confirming their endless desire to invent music and embrace their fans. There are only a handful of equally long standing bands in Italy. The Pooh were born in 1962 and will, next year, celebrate 50 years together. Where the sun starts is their 31st album. The gig in Conegliano will be the only event in the North-East.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff