Duran Duran - Red Massacre World Tour

20 July 2008

Every year Jesolos beach sees the Spritz on the Beach event, which this year, Sunday 20 July, pays host to the famous Duran Duran as part of the Eurpoean leg of their Red Carpet Massacre tour.

Simon LeBon (vocals Nick Rhodes (keyboards Roger Taylor (drums) and John Taylor (bass) have sold over 70 million albums worldwide and have been awarded 5 Lifetime Achievement awards (MTV Video Music Awards, Q Magazine, The Brits, Ivor Novello, Spanish Ondas). The tour, which kicked off in New Zealand, is in conjunction with their latest album. The four original members will be joined in the evocative beach setting by Dom Brown (guitar Anna Ross (additional vocals) and Simon Willescroft (saxophone). The album Red Carpet Massacre was produced by Timbaland e Nate Danja Hills together with Justin Timberland and is enjoying great success.

Tickets: 30.00 (excluding pre-sales charge) 45.00 (excluding pre-sales charge)

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: 20 July 2008

Event location: Spiaggia del Faro, Jesolo (VE)

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