Easter and Spring Holidays 2015 in Venice

Spring holidays in Italy are a frequent choice among travellers who want to enjoy their holidays surrounded by history, culture and beautiful landscapes and Venice is one of Italy's top destinations!

From 02 April 2015 to 04 May 2015


Springtime is coming, and it is time to think about what to do or where to go to live this beautiful season in the best way. Spring in Venice, Italy, gives you the chance of participating in different celebrations.  May 1 and April 25 are national holidays in Italy and Easter in Venice can give you an unforgettable April in Venice. venetoinside.com offers different Venice city break deals to enjoy your Easter in Venice as a true insider.

Springtime in Venice is a beautiful season, a time where every traveller can find a little magic and live the enchanting city on water in many different ways. If you are looking for leisure travel or relax, for sport opportunities or visits to cultural sites and beautiful historical sites, a Venice Easter break is exactly what you are looking for!

Easter Sunday and Easter Monday in Venice are the first Venice holidays in April 2015 and offer a great number of different activities to take part in! You can decide to discover the history of Venice and of one of its most important sites with our tours dedicated to Saint Mark's Basilica. The first tour St Mark's Cathedral and its Treasures, will allow you to visit the church with an expert guide and appreciate every detail of its splendid decorations. With this tour you will also have the chance to access Saint Mark's Baptistery and the Zen Chapel, two beautiful areas of the church that are usually not accessible to the public. The second tour,St. Mark's Basilica and Museum from above, instead, will give you the chance to discover the secrets of the beautiful mosaics of the cathedral and enjoy a spectacular view of St Mark's Square from above!

You cannot say to have seen Venice without having seen it from the water! The water is the true element of the city and the source of its enchantment! With a magic Gondola Ride you will appreciate the city from its most authentic perspective, seeing its beautiful buildings from the water and passing through the little evocative canals. But Venice is not only its historical centre. The islands of the Venetian lagoon offer incredible panoramas and are a cradle of ancient traditions. During Venice Easter why not take part in a tour around the most famous Islands of Venice? Murano, Burano and Torcello are waiting for you! And once in Torcello you will also have the chance to visit one of the most ancient places in the Venetian Lagoon: the beautiful Basilica of Saint Mary Assumption.

Easter in Venice, Italy, is a dream for many! If you wish to spend a few days in the splendid capital of Veneto, do not forget to book your hotel as soon as possible! On venetoinside.com you can choose between thousands of
hotels in Veneto and book the best accommodation for you in a few clicks! To get around Venice, then, you can easily buy vaporetto tickets online and book a private water taxi to enjoy its beautiful surroundings. Privateand shared transfers from Marco Polo Airport-Venice and Treviso Airportare also easily bookable online!

April 25 in Venice is a special day. Not only it is an Italian national holiday, but also Venice Patron Saint Mark's festival and the day of the tradition of 'the Bocolo'.  On this occasion people are used to offering a rose bud to their loved ones. On venetoinside.com you can find many suggestions on what to do to experience the vibrating atmosphere of this special festival.

In Venice, April 2015 will give you incredible experiences and unforgettable memories!

Visit the hidden corners of the city centre with the Discover Venice tour or enter its history with the Inside Venice tour, combining the visits of St. Mark's Basilica and of the Doge's Palace. Discover the fascinating bond between Venice and the Orient or participate in mystery tour thanks to our Mysteries and Ghosts of Venice! To experience the 'authentic Venice' take part in an exclusive cooking class in a renown Venetian restaurant or learn the secrets of Venetian sweet dishes with a pastry making class in the evocative Murano island.

What to do in Venice in April has never been an easier choice!

Also during the festivity of May 1, Venice offers you an incredible amount of activities to choose from! If you are looking for a sport holiday, take part in a rowing lesson, to learn the secrets of the ancient technique of Voga Veneta and row a traditional boat around the canals and in the Venetian lagoon. If you want to know Venice from a double perspective, then, the original Secret Corners tour will introduce you to the hidden itineraries of Venice combining a walking tour and a motorboat tour! Finally, if what you are looking for is a personalised experience of Venice, venetoinside.com will organise for you a private tour of Venice with an expert guide, who will lead you to discover what fascinates you most about this magic city!

On venetoinside.com organising your April Venetian holidays is easy! You can find the perfect hotel online and choose your favourite activity, to make your April and Easter celebrations in Venice original and truly unforgettable!

Prepare your April in Venice, Italy, on venetoinside.com! Beautiful Venice is waiting for you!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 02 April 2015 to 04 May 2015

Event location: Venice