Easter in Venice Italy

A small taste of the varied and fascinating offers of Easter in Venice 2013

From 31 March 2013 to 01 April 2013


If you have not chosen what to do on Easter and Easter Monday then Easter in Venice, Italy could be the answer! A small taste of the varied and fascinating offers of Easter in Venice 2013 could be of great help!

Deciding to spend Easter 2013 in Venice means to enjoy its pleasant atmosphere surrounded by traces of the past that only a city like Venice can offer. By visiting Venice at Easter one can take advantage of the mild spring weather to relax and take time out from the normal everyday life.

Easter in Venice will give you the magic of a unique city in the world, its beauty further enhanced by the blossoming of spring. Venice at Easter time, when the days are getting longer and the cold winter finally gives way to milder temperatures and comfortable enough to spend all day outdoors.

Venice at Easter 2013, will be, as always, one of the most popular destinations. For those who choose to spend the Easter weekend in Venice it is advisable to decide in advance how to get into town - train, plane or by car - and where to stay, bearing in mind that the nearby hotels on the mainland offer discounts also suitable for those travelling on a shoestring budget. To organize the rest of your stay in Venice at Easter, what to see and do, how to travel around and where to go, you can take inspiration from our ideas of what to do at Easter!If you arrive from Venice Marco Polo Airport the best way to begin your holiday of Easter 2013 in Venice is travel to the historic centre on the water, enjoying the magnificent scenery that the lagoon offers. Venice in the distance, that shadowy figure becomes more recognizable, allowing you to catch the profile of its age-old buildings. Our Venice airport transfer service, with very reasonable prices and online booking is the best way to get to your hotel: you can choose from the Venice Airport Shuttle a shared shuttle service, for a minimum of 2 people and a private taxi - a bit more expensive, but with the advantage of having the boat at your complete disposal.

Once you have arrived in Venice the possibilities which will open up in front of you are virtually endless, both in the centre and in the beautiful islands of the lagoon even on Easter Monday in Venice!In Venice at the Easter weekend why not stroll along the canals, visit elegant homes of the past, discover the hidden views from the corners ... and even less touristy with unique tailor made tours in Venice. The tour is facilitated by Francesca, a friendly and expert guide of Venice, who will advise you on the most direct route to your needs or create one in line with your interests and curiosity. Time, place of departure and duration are organised on the time you have available!If instead, you prefer organized tours but are looking for some unusual ideas of what to do on Easter day, you should take a look at the tour section of Venice at venetoinside.com ... our excursions in Venice are different from the usual tours and the perfect solution for what to do at Easter in Venice! Also in this section you will find a number of proposals for a classic gondola ride in Venice... inserted in different types of itineraries, the boat symbol of Venice can not be missed among the many Easter offers in Venice!

Other Easter in Venice events include a visit to Saint Mark's Venice Italy, the majestic basilica which gives its name to one of the most famous squares in the world, a symbol of deep faith and intense spirituality of the Serenissima. Thanks to our exclusive tour, you will be able to discover its incredible mosaics, the precious Pala d'Oro and the priceless treasures of the basilica. In addition, you will have the ability to access two areas normally closed to visitors in St Marks Basilica, the Baptistery and the Zen chapel.

If you do not want to give up the tradition of having a picnic in the countryside, on Easter Monday in Italy Venice takes on the intense colours of the lagoon: a Murano Burano and Torcello half-day tour will allow you to experience the true soul of Venice by getting in touch with its old traditions. From Murano glass to Burano lace, and the ruins of Torcello, an island that perhaps more than any other is considered the birthplace of Venice. Today it is almost completely uninhabited and invaded by unspoilt nature, Torcello is a small universe in itself where ancient mysteries and dark legends continue to survive in the ruins of its glorious past. As well as enjoying the peace and tranquillity of this surreal island, we recommend a visit to the beautiful Torcello Basilica, the ancient cathedral of the Diocese of Altino which houses a one of the largest mosaic circles in northern Italy.Back in Venice, during Easter, will represent for many of you the end of the Easter holidays ... before leaving the city we recommend that you take a little time to visit one of the many exhibitions at Easter 2013 in Venice. The retrospective of Gianni Berengo Gardin Photography will give you the perfect ending: the best works of this great witness of the 20th century in a unique exhibition of black and white photographs which highlights the delicate sensibilities of this famous Italian photographer.Have you decided what to do on Easter Monday? Venice at Easter is waiting to give you an unforgettable experience!

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Period: From 31 March 2013 to 01 April 2013

Event location: Venice