Eastern Festival 2015

In Padova, get ready to experience the magic of the Eastern World!

From 27 November 2015 to 16 November 2015


Are you fascinated by the Eastern World? Are you are intrigued by the magical atmosphere of these distant lands? Well, if so, get ready to experience an unforgettable event, in Padua!

From27 to 29 November, from 5 to 8 and 11 to 13 December, the exhibition centre at the Padova Fiere will host the Festival dell'Oriente 2015! Folk shows, concerts, photo exhibitions, food stands, seminars, traditional medicines and many other events to get to know the culture, history and tradition of the Eastern countries.
Discover with us the program of this year, the cost of tickets, schedules and anything that will help you enjoy this wonderful adventure more fully!

With the passage of editions, the Orient Festival has become one of the flagship events throughout Italy regarding the culture and tradition of the Eastern countries such as Japan, China, Mongolia, Indonesia, Burma, Tibet and many more.

By participating in the 15th edition of the Holi Festival in Italy you will not only discover the wonderful world of the land of the Rising Sun, but you will interact and experiment for free with a variety of traditional therapies, as well as participate in fun tastings of local products and local cooking classes.

From morning to evening, in the varied traditional areas - the heart of the event - there will be more than 400 shows, demonstrations, meetings, courses and performances: atthe Festival dell' Oriente in Padua the show promises to be really amazing!

Let us have a look at the full program of the Festival dell'Orient 2015, dedicated to the rediscovery of the ancient and the modern Eastern World.

Throughout the stages located in the many halls of Padova Fiere, the Orient Festival will present to the public the traditions of the East, Typical Ceremonies, and many shows of strong emotional impact that will allow you to fully breathe the magical atmosphere of the land so far away but still mysterious and fascinating: the classic Kimono dressing, Vietnamese contortionists, the Ceremony of the Mandala, the Chinese Circus, the amazing art of Origami, the traditional fabric painting, the Tea Ceremony, Bonsai care, traditional Thai massage, NO theatre, floating lanterns, and much more, await you on an enthralling journey to discover the culture, art and folklore of the East.

Festival dell'Oriente in 2015 will give ample space to the bazaars and the traditional markets - where, over 500 exhibitors will present their products to the public. You will be able to blissfully wander through coloured fabrics, traditional costumes, antique jewellery, handbags, footwear but also incense, scented candles, essential oils, amulets, tattoo, beauty products and food.
There will be tapestries, statues, vases, carpets and other special furnishings, all, of course, in classic Eastern style.

At the 15th Festival dell'Oriente you will discover and appreciate the flavours of eastern cuisine through tantalizing tastings presented in the dedicated area or directly in the many booths, assist in the preparation of sushi dishes and actively participate in numerous cooking classes to be held on site.

There are so many activities on offer at the Festival dell' Oriente in Padova: you can delight your ears with the concerts of the most famous interpreters of the Rising Sun, being thrilled by the sinuous dances, participate in interfaith gatherings or conferences on wellness and health. In this regard, you can test for free the various massage techniques to rejuvenate your body and mind.

In this new edition of the Festival dell'Oriente, the program this year welcomes the expansion of the exhibition area with the addition of a new hall, a new stage dedicated entirely to Health and Wellness as well as a tatami space which will host demonstrations, lectures, workshops and seminars.

The area devoted to the Martial Arts will be embellished with a memorial statue of Bruce Lee, sculptures of Shaolin monks and other strongly choreographed elements.

Imposing Buddha statues will be stationed throughout the exhibition: in the shadow of these beautiful sculptures, Buddhist monks will celebrate the rite of Mala, blessing the typical sacred bracelet and tying the wrists of visitors for luck.

But the real surprise of the Festival dell'Oriente 2015 is the staging of a colourful sideshow: the Holi Festival of colors in Italy! Padua welcomes for the first time this festival typical of Hindu religious and spiritual tradition, which will take place on Sunday afternoon (29 November 6 and 15 December) in the open area of the Padua Exhibition.
For those not familiar, the Holi Festival of colours in Italy is a real hymn to love in its broadest sense, the celebration of all the positive feelings: the desire to be together with others, the victory of evil over good, forgiveness, universal harmony, the killing of ethnic and cultural differences, integration, peace between the people and all the other positive emotions.
Undisputed protagonists of the Holi ceremony will be the countless coloured powders cast over the participants that will make the atmosphere even more lively and carnival-like.
Come along, abandon all negative thoughts and dive headlong into the most colourful festival of the year: peace & love ... and so much fun!

Another new feature to report at the Festival dell'Oriente 2015 is the space devoted to Thailand: under a typical Pagoda several traditional activities that highlight local customs and habits of these fabulous lands will take place. You will witness amazing work of Fruit Carvin (the art of carving fruit), the embroidery of the umbrellas and the curious culinary exhibition of caramel insects, then you will be able to treat yourself to a soothing and relaxing massage at the hands of skilled operators.

Three are the unmissable exhibitions at the Eastern Festival this year in Padua: the first concerns the traditional eastern dresses characterized by bright colours and amazing decorations.

The second exhibition concerns the fascinating Japanese world of Samurai: on display, the typical armour of these mythical warriors, once bodyguards of the emperor.

Another fascinating exhibition is made up of about twenty statues depicting a part of the Terracotta Army, located in the funeral Mausoleum of the first Chinese emperor Qin Shi Huang with the task to accompany him on his journey in the afterlife.
Due to its originality and beauty, in 1987, UNESCO declared the Mausoleum of Qin Shi Huang a World Heritage Site.

New look for the cultural area of Japan, with the installation of a full-fledged traditional house, complete with a garden and KOI pond, where expert teachers will perform the most famous Japanese traditional ceremonies, such as Ikebana (the art to arrange cut flowers), the dressing of kimono, the tea ceremony and origami, the amazing art of folding paper that was started in Japan in 1600.

This and much more in the huge and spectacular happenings dedicated to the Eastern Festival, from ancient legends to the most modern elements. Book one of our fantastic hotels in Padova and do not miss it!

From November 27 to December 13, the Orient Festival is waiting for you in Padua every weekend! Tickets can be purchased online on the official website: www.festivaldell'oriente.net or directly on site.


Orient Festival: music, colours and scents of distant lands.


Dates: 27 to 29 November, from 5 to 8 and 11 to 13 December 2015


Location: Padova, Padova Fiere exhibition center



Full Price: €12

Reduced: €8 (children aged 5 to 10 years and disabled visitors)

Free (children under 5 years old and handicapped people with disabilities 100%)

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 27 November 2015 to 16 November 2015

Event location: Padua

Contacts: Festival dell’Oriente: times, entry cost and other info at festivaldelloriente.net