'El Greco in Italy, the metamorphosis of a genius' in the Casa dei Carraresi Treviso

Treviso hosts a major retrospective on the Crete artist ever to be organized in Italy

From 23 October 2015 to 01 May 2016


The Casa dei Carraresi di Treviso is pleased to present 'El Greco in Italy, the metamorphosis of a genius', one of the largest exhibitions in Treviso in 2015/2016, dedicated to the permanence in Italy of the great artist from Crete.

From 23 October 2015 to 1 May 2016, the Casa dei Carraresi di Treviso will exhibit the evolution of the famous 16th-century painter paying particular attention to the decade he spent in Italy (1567-1576), a period crucial for his artistic growth, which led him to become one of the undisputed geniuses of the painting of the 16th century.

Thanks to the co-operation of international museums and famous private collections, the exhibition in Casa Carraresi, Treviso features many works produced by the artist on Italian soil through an unprecedented confrontation with the artists that influenced his evolution: the masterpieces of the artists on display at Casa dei Carraresi in Treviso will dialogue with works by Tintoretto, Titian, Parmigianino, Jacopo Bassano, Zuccari and Correggio, as well as those of other artists of the Cretan School active in Italy at that time, including Georgios Klontzas and Michele Damascenos.

Thanks to documents and archival papers available, the 'El Greco exhibition', at the Casa dei Carraresi in Treviso reconstructs the artist between Venice and Rome suggesting unpublished and original ideas. Lionello Puppi, curator of the retrospective, has dedicated over fifty years to the study of the Cretan painter ... The exhibition 'El Greco paintings in Venice', on show at Casa  Carraresi in Treviso is the result of this long process of study and research: supported by international leading scholars, Puppi retraces the steps that have marked the life and work of El Greco in Italy, allowing visitors to fully appreciate this original yet little known figure.

Heralded to be one of the most interesting exhibitions in Treviso in 2016, at the Casa Carraresi in Treviso, the retrospective is organized by Kornice with the collaboration of the Foundation Cassamarca and Art for Public. 'El Greco exhibition' at the Casa Carraresi in Treviso is the first retrospective to comprehensively develop the Italian period of the artist, a crucial moment in his artistic development from simple artisan of Byzantine icons to undisputed protagonist of the history of world art.

Domenikos Theotokopoulos, better known by the nickname El Greco, was born in Heraklion in 1541. At that time, the island of Crete was part of the Venice Republic and fulcrum of the Cretan School, an important post-Byzantine painting movement. After an apprenticeship and a stint as art teacher, in 1567 he moved from Crete to Venice. Here he metà Titian, Tintoretto and Veronese who will influenced his style enriching it with mannerist traits typical of the Venetian Renaissance. In 1570 he moved to Rome and then to Spain, where he lived until his death, producing some of his best-known works. The same name by which he is known in the world, El Greco, evokes strong ties with our country ... The exhibition at the Casa Carraresi in Treviso 2015/2016 will be a journey through time to reconstruct the evolution of the artist in Italy and the progressive acquisition of that language that made him unique and that has no parallel in history.

Watched with puzzlement by his contemporaries and revalued only during the 20th century, he became an inspiration for the avant-garde of the 20th century. The style of El Greco falls hard in the traditional schools of painting: his elongated, vivid and bright figures, the drama and the innovation of his pictorial language are the result of a clever fusion of Byzantine and Western painting. The genius of El Greco is this: the artist has fused in an exemplary way, Greek Orthodox and Catholic Renaissance culture and developed an imaginative and visionary drawing style that several centuries later upset and fascinated artists such as Monet, Picasso and Cezanne ...

The value of the exhibition at the Casa dei Carraresi in Treviso of 'El Greco in Italy, metamorphosis of a genius' is indisputable: in addition to presenting 25 works out of a total of 35 made by the artist, and a comparison with the works of the artists who have fascinated and influenced him, it proposes an exhibition organized so as to make accessible to everyone such a mysterious and complex artist. Engravings, casts, documents and archival materials will help the visitor better understand the development of his artistic language and the high scientific value of the exhibit.

After the great exhibitions in Treviso of recent years, dedicated to the East, Casa dei Carraresi in Treviso opens up new horizons, presenting an artist with an original life ... Born as a painter of Byzantine icons, after living in Italy and meeting the great Venetian artists, El Greco in Venice turned into an almost Mannerist painter. From Crete to Venice, from Rome to Spain, El Greek encountered cultures, languages, religions that were very different from each other. This combination of experiences led him to grow in both a human and artistic way, making him a versatile and open artist.

The El Greco exhibition at the Casa dei Carraresi in Treviso can be an opportunity to discover the beautiful historic city of Treviso and the neighbouring producing areas of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene Prosecco. Choose your hotel and treat yourself to a few days in Treviso! A private guided tour of the city and the exhibition will make you discover the best of this picturesque town.

If you wish to visit Carraresi in Treviso-El Greco exhibition with a private guided tour, we invite you to contact us for availability of our guides.


Tickets 'El Greco exhibition Treviso

Full price: €12

Reduced: €10 (15-26 years, companions of people with mobility impairments, FAI, TCI and ACI members)

Special reduced price: €6 (6-14 years)

Free admission for children up to 5 years, people with mobility impairments)


Timetable exhibitions Casa dei Carraresi, Treviso

Tuesday to Friday: 9am to 7pm

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Closed on Mondays

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Period: From 23 October 2015 to 01 May 2016

Event location: Treviso

Contacts: for more information www.elgrecotreviso.it

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