Elliott Erwitt and 16th century painting on display at Ca dei Carraresi

Two great exhibitions for an exciting autumn in Treviso

From 22 September 2018 to 03 February 2019

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The end of summer brings great surprises at Ca dei Carraresi: after the magnificent exhibition on Andy Warhol ended last May, the exhibitions in Treviso in 2018 are showcasing two other important events, 'Elliott Erwitt: dogs are like humans, only with more hair' and 'From Titian to Van Dyck. The 16th century portrait’.

Both opening at the end of September at Casa dei Carraresi, the exhibitions have been hailed as two of the most important Treviso exhibitions in 2018 of the upcoming season and look set to attract many Italian and foreign visitors to the Treviso area.



From 22 September 2018 to 3 February 2019

  • Tuesday to Friday from 10.00 to 18.00
  • Saturday, Sunday and holidays from 10.00 to 20.00

Housed on the first floor of Ca dei Carraresi, Treviso, the photography exhibition 'Dogs are like humans, only with more hair' explores the perhaps most bizarre and fascinating part of Elliott Erwitt’s artwork, the French-American photographer counted among the greatest masters of all time.

In Erwitt’s unmistakably black and white photos there emerges an acute observation of the surrounding reality, sometimes with cynicism, others with great irony. The exhibition at Casa dei Carraresi, Treviso, presents Erwitt’s pictures of dogs, which he particularly loved not so much because he was particularly fascinated by them but because with their natural irreverence they are the perfect antithesis of the ostentatious behavior of their owners.

Through an original exhibition itinerary, Elliott Erwitt exhibition in 2018 in Treviso presents over eighty shots, accompanied by documents, videos and other material dedicated to the theme... Such large selection had never been exhibited in Italy until now!

Elliott Erwitt’s famous photographs on show in Treviso range from the ‘50s to the present and offer the opportunity to appreciate the depth and ingenuity of the photographer's work on this specific theme: the photos are taken 'from the point of view of the dogs', that is, with the camera positioned at dog’s height, and with the owner’s presence limited to just a foot or the calves.

Many photos are funny and capture the animals in the act of jumping... The poses were obtained thanks to a proven method that consisted in sounding a trumpet or other noises that scared the animal just before the photo was taken: the reaction in the dog is therefore natural and the shot captures it in all its spontaneity.

In Elliott Erwitt's exhibition in Treviso, one can perceive the photographer’s interest in humans and animals, where the surroundings are overshadowed: the photographer's attention is always directed to the person with the dogs representing an unintentional reflection of the owners’ habits.



From 26 September 2018 to 3 February 2019

  • Tuesday to Friday from 9.00 to 18.00
  • Saturday, Sunday and holidays from 10.00 to 20.00
  • January 1st from 14.00 to 20.00
  • December 25th closed

Treviso exhibitions in 2018 at Casa dei Carraresi continue with a splendid exhibit that showcases the Golden Age of Venetian painting and, at the same time, Giuseppe Alessandra's great passion for art.

50 works, 50 stories, 50 emotions to relive the charm of the 16th century!

The paintings selected for the exhibition offer an extraordinary journey spanning from the Renaissance to Mannerism and up to the borders of the Baroque and exclusively hail from one of the most important private collections of the region, created after the Second World War by Giuseppe Alessandra, an esteemed art connoisseur well-known for his collection of over 200 works from the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and later periods.

The Tiziano Van Dyck exhibition in Treviso at Ca dei Carraresi analyzes the evolution of Venetian painting starting from the Bellinian tradition and the revolution introduced by Giorgione – by presenting the great Renaissance and Mannerist workshops, for example those of Titian and the Bassano - to finally arrive at the representations of the 17th century. In order to best present the creative model of the time and retrace the events that turned the 1500s into the century of the greatest art in Veneto, the works of the great masters are displayed alongside those of their inner circle and workshop.

'From Titian to Van Dyck. The 16th century Portrait' is divided into six sections: the first two analyze Venetian painting from the late 15th century to the end of the 16th century through a large body of works from the workshop of Bellini to Titian, through to Giorgione and Tintoretto. Next to the masters’ artworks there are also some painted by artists from their workshops, such as Sebastiano del Piombo, Palma il Giovane and Lodovico Pozzoserrato. Sections 3 and 4 deal with contemporary artists and events, but located in the area spanning from Lombardy to Central Italy. Section 5 brings to the Venetian painting exhibition in Treviso the artists from beyond the Alps who influenced Northern Italy, such as Hans von Aachen and Van Dyck; the sixth and last section leads the viewers to discover the Baroque.


Make sure you do not miss next season's exhibitions at the Casa dei Carreresi in Treviso and these two fascinating autumn exhibitions to your diary! And if you decide to spend a few days in this beautiful city, take advantage of our offers to discover Treviso area with our tours!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 22 September 2018 to 03 February 2019

Event location: Casa dei Carraresi, Treviso

Contacts: for more information www.casadeicarraresi.it

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