Enjoy the Colours

Carnival in Venice 2013

From 26 January 2013 to 12 February 2013


The Venice Carnival 2013 is just around the corner! The highly anticipated Venice Carnival 2013 dates have been decided: from 26 January to 12 February. The entire city will be invaded by the spirit of transgression of the Carnival of Venice, Italy 2013 with outdoor events and exclusive parties in the elegant Venetian palaces.

The Venice Carnival 2013 theme will be of colours, the different emotions they evoke in our minds and moods to which they associate. A city of colour par excellence, Venice carnival days 2013 will be a fusion of shades both human and natural, the result of its centuries-old multicultural history and the incredible play of light created by the reflections on the water.

Over the centuries, the union of many races, traditions and cultures has created an immense rainbow where colours become a metaphor for human shades... countless light and dark tones merge with the particular physical structure of Venice, loved and immortalized by the colours of the greatest artists in history.

The Venice Carnival theme this year will be combined with a celebration of colours: a swirl of hues, sensations and illusions where strange shapes and colours confuse reality and the normal social conventions.

Since the beginning of the Venice Carnival, the Venice Carnival party ideas were intended to smooth cultural divisions through anonymity: the Venice Carnival costume ideas and masks, from the most traditional to the most imaginative inventions ever, transported Venice into an unreal atmosphere of freedom and transgression where each person could take on a new mysterious identity.

During the centuries when the Venice Carnival best days reached their peak, Venice was known as the 'magnet of Europe': lavish masked balls, casinos, theatres and events of all kinds have created a myth ... brought back to life in the modern celebration of the Carnival of Venice, where timeless traditions live side by side in new experiments. Between the dates of the Carnival in Venice 2013, take note of February 9!

Venice awaits you with an exciting treasure hunt Venice which starts at 3pm through the picturesque Dorsoduro area. A new and original way to get in touch with the spirit of Carnival and have fun testing your sense of direction. Venetoinside would like to offer some Venice Carnival 2013 tours ideas to give an unforgettable experience to those who decide to take part in the magic of the Carnival of Venice ... between parties, shows and entertainment a little digression to discover the colours and nuances that made Venice famous throughout the world.

If you book a private gondola in Venice you'll definitely enjoy the best way to admire the stunning reflections on the water that light creates... a magical experience to share with someone special, which will transport you to the timeless views of Canaletto and Guardi. If you prefer the lively atmosphere of the Grand Canal, Venetoinside offers you the possibility to search and book online a private Venice Grand Canal boat tour in one of the elegant private boats that are usually rushing around Venice.

With a guide, you can walk along the most famous streets of water and learn lots of Venice Carnival information and the history of the elegant buildings. To get in touch with the essence of the Carnival, walking tours of Venice, the nerve centre of the festivities, in the Castello district and along the Mercerie will give you all the magic of the happy atmosphere of the old town ... a magical journey through the history of Venice and its Carnival of beautiful masks, fascinating traditions and shop window displays full of galani and frittelle, the classic desserts of the Carnival of Venice, whose recipes have been handed down and unchanged for centuries.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 26 January 2013 to 12 February 2013

Event location: Venice