Exhibition Imprints of a civilization at the Correr Museum in Venice

From 16 December 2011 to 10 April 2012

Amongst the exhibitions displayed in Venice during this period, it is definitely worth mentioning the one on the Armenian civilization and Armenia in Venice. This exhibition depicts, through a particularly interesting display divided in 15 sections, the different aspects of the Armenian civilization (religion, writing, art, culture and music) and the history of the Armenian community in Venice. The artefacts displayed belong partly to Armenian and European museums but originate mainly from the Isle of San Lazzaro of the Armenians in the Venice Lagoon, where an Armenian monastery was funded during the 18th century. Visitors will see precious manuscripts decorated with splendid miniatures, a reliquary holding with a fragment of Noahs ark, rugs with dazzling colours, ancient documents, printing pressed books and much more. In one of the museums rooms visitors will be able to listen to the songs of this amazing civilization. Armenians have left many enduring traces of their presence in Venice and this exhibition will present these to you through a series of invaluable objects and documents.

If you feel fascinated by this civilization and would like to comprehend its profound spirituality, pay a visit to the Isle of San Lazzaro of the Armenians (take the number 20 ferry from St Marks an oasis of peace and culture that has kept its ambience untouched for centuries and where monks will guide you to discover a thousand year old civilization.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff