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Christmas in Venice 2012

25 December 2012


Who has not dreamed of spending the most magical night of the year in the enchantment of Venice at Christmas?

Among the most sought after Christmas destinations, Christmas in Venice 2012 has been confirmed as one of the foremost places: walk along its charming canals, visit its ancient buildings and discover the enchanting views that lie between the narrow and mysterious streets... ideas for Christmas in Venice 2012 are certainly not lacking! For this, venetoinside.com wants to help you plan every detail of your visit to Venice at Christmas, by offering you a wide range of safe and reliable tourist services. Consult our section you, where you can get a complete overview of what to do at Christmas in Venice and book a Venice tour and many activities to be included in your travel planner, many of which are also suitable for children because Christmas is, usually, the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with the family.

Among the many guided tours offered on this web site, two in particular, deserve a brief consideration.

Given the deeply religious character of this great Christian event, those who decide to spend Christmas in Venice, Italy can certainly not leave out the most important religious building in the city: Saint Mark's Venice Italy! Immersed in the deep spiritual atmosphere of this ancient building, you can admire the priceless treasures, such as the mosaics and the Pala d'Oro, and visit two areas normally closed to visitors, the Baptistery of St Marks and the Zen Chapel.

The second proposal, however, relates to the picturesque islands of the Venice lagoon, the guardians of the most genuine traditions of Venice at Christmas time. Thanks to our Murano Burano day trip, you can spend a few hours in the magic of the Venetian lagoon and discover the three main islands of Venice.

One of these islands, Torcello, keeps inside another religious building that deserves to be included in your plan for Christmas: the Torcello Basilica. Immersed in an intimate and charming atmosphere, the ancient cathedral of Torcello houses one of the most important mosaic decorations of Northern Italy, which contains the majestic mosaic depicting the Last Judgement.

Venice, Italy at Christmas could also be the opportunity to discover its exclusive events: concerts, theatre, festivals and exhibitions, among which the great exhibition of Francesco Guardi is definitely worth mentioning.But venetoinside.comnot only helps you to choose what the things to do in Venice at Christmas are! If you arrive by plane, you can book in advance your venice airport transfer and book Venice water taxi. In addition, thanks to the wide range of tourist facilities of various categories and prices, you can easily book your hotel online for Christmas, in Venice or in the main towns of the region. What are you waiting for? Search our hotel section, book your base to stay in Venice and Veneto and begin to organize your magical holiday in Venice during Christmas with venetoinside.com!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: 25 December 2012

Event location: Venice