FAI Spring Days 2018 in Veneto

It's spring time and time for Giornata FAI 2018

From 24 March 2018 to 25 March 2018

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It's spring time! This year again the FAI, Italy - Italian Environment Fund (Fondo Ambiente Italiano) will open to the public hundreds of artistic and cultural heritage sites throughout Italy during the 2018 FAI Spring Days... Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 March one of the most important events of Italy’s culture scene is back! 

The FAI Spring Days 2018 will offer to visitors more than 1000 events with visits and special openings: villas, villages, churches, castles, archaeological sites , gardens, palaces and archives, treasures of Italian cultural heritage often normally inaccessible will open to the public. As always, the entrance to the various sites on the giornate di primavera FAI 2018 will open to donations. 

FAI Spring Day is one of the most important and awaited events organized by the FAI - Fondo Ambiente Italiano and represents an opportunity to get in touch with precious sites usually closed to the public. The aim of the event is indeed to accompany Italians to discover, or rediscover, the outstanding beauty surrounding them, treasures that too often go unnoticed or, worse still, are forgotten and abandoned to their fate.

The FAI events, usually taking place in spring and autumn, are also an excellent opportunity to publicize FAI's activity, since 1975 devoted to the protection and enhancement of our precious heritage and threatened landscapes, and to make visitors aware of the need to safeguard Italy’s artistic and cultural heritage. Since 1993, thanks to the FAI Spring Days, over 11,000 sites throughout Italy have been opened and visited by more than 10,000 people. 

In addition to special openings for all visitors, the Spring FAI Day offer exclusive entrance reserved for members, who will also benefit from dedicated entry points and preferential access lanes. In all open sites, visitors can join FAI to give practical help to the preservation of Italian heritage. 

A fixture of the program is the Budding Ciceros initiative, which allows students of different schools to become 'tour guides' by showing visitors around: Budding Ciceros will involve more than 40,000 young people who, with their enthusiasm and energy, will contribute to making the visits truly unique. 

On Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 the FAI events 2018 will reserve many surprises to lovers of culture also in our beautiful region! Giornata FAI in Veneto is an event not to be missed that will allow to discover a piece of the great cultural heritage of the Veneto region.




FAI Spring Days in Belluno and its province

  • Church of Santa Maria Assunta in Lentiai
  • Church and Hermitage of San Donato in Lentiai


FAI Spring Days in Padua and its province

  • Convent of San Giovanni di Verdara, now the Military Office in Padova
  • Palazzo Cavalli and Museum of Geology and Paleontology in Padova
  • San Lorenzo Roman Bridge and its complex in Padova
  • Teresianum Palazzo Papadopoli Dolfin-Boldù in Padova
  • Gardens of Villa Bembiana in Abano Terme
  • Villa Moro Malpiero, Rigoni Savioli in Abano Terme
  • Villa Roberto Bassi Rathgeb in Abano Terme
  • Villa Bembo Monzino, known as ‘La Bembiana’ in Teolo
  • Villa dei Vescovi in Torreglia


FAI Spring Days in Rovigo and its province

  • Archpriest Church of Saints Martino and Severo in Crespino
  • Town Hall in Crespino
  • Canonica Museum in Crespino
  • Waters Museum in Crespino
  • Villa of Princes Pio Falco' known as Longhi in Crespino
  • Villa Marzolla in Crespino


FAI Spring Days in Treviso and its province

  • Palazzo Tassoni in Paese
  • Abbey of Saint George Martyr in Paese
  • Theatre of Voices in Treviso


FAI Spring Days in Venezia and its province

  • Ca' Vendramin Calergi in Venice
  • Casa Bortoli in Venice
  • San Giovanni Elemosinario in Venice
  • Church of Saint Helena Empress in Venice
  • Chiesa of Saint Isepo in Venice
  • Olivetti Shop in Venice
  • Palazzo Morosini Gatterburg in Venice
  • Cathedral and Bell Tower in Caorle
  • Saint Felice Fortress in Chioggia
  • Town Hall, Cathedral and Saint Stephen Baptistery in Concordia Sagittaria
  • Villa Soranzo in Concordia Sagittaria
  • Villa Priuli Grimani Morosini - Ca' della Nave in Martellago
  • Mirano Town Centre on foot – Historic and artistic tour
  • National Archeology Concordiese Museum in Portogruaro
  • Oratory Hall of Madonna della Pescheria in Portogruaro


FAI Spring Days in Verona and its province

  • Palazzo Muselli in Verona
  • Villa Franco Cattarinetti Bertelè in Cerea
  • Villa Sagramoso Perez Pompei in Illasi
  • Montegodi, a gem in the noble hills of Sommacampagna
  • Camminacustoza: a journey in the village of Sommacampagna


FAI Spring Days in Vicenza and its province

  • Palazzo Bonin Longare in Vicenza
  • Antonibon Ceramics Manufacture Site, known as Barettoni in Nove
  • Mulino Pestasassi Stringa in Nove
  • Musem of Ceramics in Nove
  • Palazzo Baccin in Nove
  • Fabbrica Alta in Schio


Check the FAI website for opening hours and more information on the events planned for the FAI Days in 2018 in Italy, Veneto... Plan your visits and do not miss this great festival dedicated to our extraordinary cultural, environmental and artistic heritage!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff