Fascinating classical music concerts in the splendid setting of the Church of San Lio in Venice

From 02 May 2012 to 30 May 2012

The first month of the spring programme of classical music concerts proposed by MusicArtEnsemble in Venice in the suggestive church of San Lio in Venice has just come to an end.

Due to its great success with the public, MusicArtEnsemble has decided to extend the concerts in Venice which include selections of classical music and symphonies from Antonio Vivaldi for the month of May and the ensuing summer season.

Venetoinside is offering you the opportunity to enjoy these new classical music concerts in Venice by offering you two packages: the first one includes only the entry ticket for the concert (25 euros per person) whilst the second one combines classical music with food allowing you to dine in a typical Venice restaurant before watching the concert (45 euros per person).

The aim of MusicArtEnsemble in Venice is to transform the emotional experience of individuals into a more profound collective opportunity, thanks to both the ability of its artists, who boast important collaborations and performances at an international level, and the organization of classical music concerts in very suggestive locations.

The concerts in Venice will include three weekly events: two concerts with pieces of sacred music and one concert with the symphonies of the most important Venice composer, Antonio Vivaldi.

These fascinating concerts, dedicated to classical music and Antonio Vivaldi, will be hosted at the Church of St Lio. Located in the beautiful square near Rialto, this little known church in Venice holds a wealth of treasures: Giandomenico Tiepolo, Tiziano and Jacopo Palma the Vecchio have all left their mark in this church that enshrines the remains of Canaletto and Andrea Pisani.

A few extra words must also be said about Antonio Lucio Vivaldi (1678-1741 the author of a significant part of the melodies of the concerts in Venice.

Vivaldi is considered the most important, influential and original Italian music composer of the late Venice Baroque, who has always been very popular with the public.

Vivaldis best known compositions are the four violin concerts known as The Four Seasons, that will be presented again, together more of with Vivaldis renowned pieces, in this series of concerts in Venice.

Do not miss this incredible opportunity! You will be able to spend an evening listening to some of the best classical music and the poetic melodies of Antonio Vivaldi in the intimate and suggestive atmosphere of a Venice church with the possibility of enjoying a fantastic dinner in one of Venices restaurants!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 02 May 2012 to 30 May 2012

Event location: Church of San Lio - Castello, 6040 Venezia

Contacts: For information on dates, times and tickets visit the pages of the two packages: --- Classical music concert Church of San Lio Venice: http://www.venetoinside.com/it/tour_in_veneto/tour_a_venezia/tour_privati/concerto_di_musica_classica_chiesa_di_san_lio