Female Jewish Art. Eight artists of the Twentieth Century

From 30 August 2013 to 13 October 2013

Contemporary Jewish art will be featured in one of the most fascinating mostre in Padova in 2013: 'Female Jewish Art. Eight artists of the twentieth century'.

The exhibition at the Centro Culturale Altinate San Gaetano in Padua will be on display from 30 August to 13 October - and included in the program of the European Day of Jewish Culture 2013 scheduled for 29 September. The Padua exhibition outlines an interesting insight into modern Jewish art of the 20th century as seen through the works of eight important Female Jewish artists.

Great news from the painting events in Padua, and among the first of its kind at a national level, 'Female Jewish Art. Eight artists of the twentieth century' is organized by the Jewish community, in collaboration with the Municipality of Padua, to bring to light the evidence of modern Jewish art and its culture and for women to establish themselves and enhance their creative independence despite the difficult situation of being a social minority.

The main protagonist of the Padua mostre on Jewish culture is Antonietta Raphal, flanked by seven other important female Jewish artists of the twentieth century: Adriana Pincherle, Lotte Frumi, Eva Fischer aartist, Silvana Weiller, Gabriella Oreffice, Paola Consolo and Alis. A large group of artists not yet well known will outline with their works a brand new face of Italian art of the twentieth century, where women has long had a marginal role.

The artists present in Padua are women who, in addition to being victims of unjustified chauvinist prejudices like their contemporaries, are further penalized for their origin. Despite the difficulties, the protagonists of the mostre in Padova at San Gaetano exhibition have been able to enter the cultural and artistic initiatives of the highest level in the twentieth century, claiming their intellectual and creative independence.

On display at the Jewish art exhibition in Padua will be twenty works of Antonietta Raphal, selected to offer visitors a small monograph of this fascinating artist, flanked by the most important works of the seven other artists.

More than 120 works that will make up one of the most important art events in Padua, 2013, where it will be possible to approach the different existential and artistic paths of these exceptional Female Jewish artists who, like most artists of contemporary Jewish art of the 1900, have been able to assert their creativity freely transforming their social inferiority in a further source of intellectual emancipation.

The European Day of Jewish Culture and Heritage will host an exceptional Padua event, a mostre in Padova at San Gaetano to learn about and better understand an entire community viewed through its feminine sensibility.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff