Fenice Theatre: A midsummer nights dream

From 09 July 2011 to 13 July 2011

The prestigious and elegant La Fenice Theatre in Venice is to stage the 5 acts comedy play A Midsummer Night's Dream, by William Shakespeare, over the course of four evenings with music directed by the concert director Jeffrey Tate and with the accompaniment of the maestro Claudio Marino Moretti who will conduct the Choir Orchestra of the La Fenice Theatre.

Played for the first time in London in 1956, it portrays a tale of love and deception, set in a fairy forest, inhabited by a contentious king and queen, naughty elves and fantastic creatures. All the ingredients to create a comedy that not only provides entertainment for the spectators but also thought for mind, especially the vacuity of human life. In this comedy Shakespeare strived to build a true theorem of love, with characters chasing and running after one another in search of love, falling in love and yearning for each other in an irrational way, finally coming together thanks to random events that they cannot control: at the end we understand, between laughs and serious moments, how human life does not obey predefined laws but is instead simply subjected to fate.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 09 July 2011 to 13 July 2011

Event location: Campo S. Fantin 1965 Teatro la Fenice Venezia

Contacts: turismoeventi@velaspa.com