Festa dea Sardea (Sardine Feast)

From 04 July 2009 to 13 July 2009

For more than half a century the Festa dea Sardea is one of the most important events which characterise the aspect of the Veneto. Held at Silea, a village in the province of Treviso which contains a beautiful wood along the banks of the River Sile, it provides the perfect opportunity to sample the delicious local fish-based specialities and regional wines, all in an atmosphere of music, cabaret and shows. The climax of the festivities coincides with the flotilla of craft along the river, adorned and decorated with allegorical themes a floating carnival procession. Boat owners are welcome to participate, simply register with the organisers (transport is free). Meeting point is the Ponte dea Goba in Treviso, where the local inhabitants will assist in the launching. Halfway along the route in the area of Forte Makall participants can find a refreshment stop to partake of a cool glass of wine and the traditional vovi e segosa, a giant omelette made of 2000 eggs! The regatta finishes around midday and is celebrated by a sardine-and squid-based lunch (sardee e sepe in the local dialect). In keeping with tradition the festival takes place on the first Sunday in July, which also sees the bathtub race, where contestants have to cross the river and return. For those wishing to take part, simply register (maximum 32 participants, divided into teams of 4). The last day of the festivities will see the donation of a car to a local charity, and at 11 p.m. a firework display will light up the waters of the Sile.
By Insidecom Editorial Staff