Festa della Sensa 2013 in Venice

12 May 2013

Among the many events in Venice in May 2013, you cannot forget the Festa della Sensa, an evocative historical re-enactment that testifies to the deep bond of Venice with the sea.

Considered one of the most important traditional festivals in Venice, the Festa della Sensa in Venice 2013 will take place on Sunday 12 May, as usual, on Ascension Day.

Included among the many annual events that evoke the history of the Venice Republic, the Festa della Sensa in Venice is an important moment of aggregation involving tourists and inhabitants of Venice in one of the oldest and most fascinating traditions of Venice.

The history of the Festa della Sensa a Venezia binds its origins to two important events of the Venice Republic: the beginning of the political, commercial and military expansion of the Republic of Venice in the Adriatic which opened in 1000 after the important victory obtained by the Doge Pietro II Orseolo against the pirates who were threatening the Dalmatian populations; and the peace treaty between Pope Alexander III and Emperor Frederick Barbarossa - signed in Venice in 1177 - which marked the end of the dispute between the papacy and the empire.

The principal moment of the modern Sensa Festival in Venice brings to life a ritual that in the past had both celebratory and recognitory functions, namely the wedding ceremony of the Sea in Venice. After a solemn procession from St. Mark's Square to the harbour mouth of St. Nicholas, the Doge of Venice received the blessing of the Patriarch in the water and threw a gold ring to seal the sposalizio del mare Venezia.

After the fall of the Venetian Republic, the Festa della Sensa and the sposalizio del mare Venezia have become two fascinating historical celebrations which bear witness to the deep bond that, as in the past, connect the city to the sea. The program of the Marriage of the Sea 2013 will include the usual procession of boats - chaired by the 'Serenissima' with the civil, religious and military local authorities - from St Marks to San Nicol Port, the launch of the ring into the sea and the religious function in the Church of San Nicol del Lido. Outside the church the traditional market of the Sensa in Venice will take place.

For several years the program of the Festival the Sensa in Venice includes two other important events: the Adriatic Twinning a bond of culture and love for the sea and for the activities related to it which links Venice to a city or region; and the Osella d'Oro della Sensa Award given to public bodies, institutions and private citizens who have brought honour to Venice with their activities in the field of culture, crafts and trade.

To complete the full day of the Festa of the Sensa in Venice 2013, the Venetian program includes rowing competitions and other fascinating Venice events in May.12 May: Festa della Sensa 2013 ... Do not miss one of the most fascinating traditional events in Venice in May, a day to get in touch with one of the oldest ceremonies of Venice!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: 12 May 2013

Event location: Venice