Festa della Sensa 2014

a festival that celebrates the ancient relationship between Venice and the sea

From 31 May 2014 to 01 June 2014


The regatta in Venice, Italy and the Festa della Sensa 2014 await you on June 1st! One of the most fascinating traditional festivals in Italy as part of the rich calendar of annual Venice events 2014 that evoke the history of the Venice Republic.

The Sensa Festival in Venice is an intense day of history and folklore traditionally celebrated as one of the most important events in Venice in June 2014 with a regatta in Venice 2014. Venice honours, year after year, this profound and indissoluble bond with the sea and the typical practice of Venetian rowing ...

The Festa e regatta della Sensa carry on the tradition of this historic Venice event in June 2014 and it is much appreciated by tourists and the inhabitants of the city on water which is undertook with passion and enthusiasm each year.

The history of the Festa della Sensa began during the, the Republic of Venice, when the festival was instituted to commemorate two important events: the beginning of the expansion of Venice in the Mediterranean around 1000, following the victory of the Doge Pietro Orseolo against the Slavic pirates who threatened Dalmatia, and the end of a long dispute between the papacy and the empire thanks to the peace treaty signed in Venice between the emperor Frederick Barbarossa and Pope Alexander III.

The highlight of the Festa della Sensa, Venice was the ceremony that sealed the Venice wedding with the sea: the Doge, on board the Buccintoro, reached St. Helena at San Pietro di Castello to meet with the bishop and receive his blessing. On reaching the mouth of the harbour of St. Nicholas, the Doge of Venice threw a gold ring into the sea thus confirming the marriage between Venice and the sea.

After the fall of the Venice Republic, the Festa della Sensa a Venezia was restored only in 1965 with a fascinating historical re-enactment that brings back to life the Venice wedding with the sea.

In keeping with the traditional festivals in Venice, the program of the sposalizio del mare Venezia will see the impressive water parade - chaired by the Mayor of Venice and the Venetian rowing Company - from St Mark's to the mouth of the harbour of St. Nicholas, the symbolic launch of the ring into the sea to renew the Venice wedding with the sea and the arrival at the Lido, with a subsequent religious ceremony in the Church of St. Nicholas followed by a traditional market to celebrate the festival in Venice 2014 on the outside.

The Festa della Sensa in Venice 2014 will be enhanced by two more events in Venice 2014, which have now become a fixed part of the program of the Festa della Sensa, scheduled for Saturday 31 May. The 'Golden Osella Award Sensa' is awarded to institutions, organizations and individuals who have enhanced Venice with their activities - sectors: trade, crafts and culture; the 'Adriatic Twinning' ties Venice to a city or a region with a bond of love for the sea and the activities related to it.

At the conclusion of the Festa della Sensa in Venezia, the program provides several Venetian rowing competitions.

Do not miss the opportunity to attend one of the finest traditional festivals - Sensa of Venice and reserve now one of the magical hotels in Venice's historic centre and live one of the oldest ceremonies of Venice!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 31 May 2014 to 01 June 2014

Event location: Venice