Festival of Bertha and the Quarters

From 06 September 2008 to 07 September 2008

Montegrotto Terme, Padova.

Among the many historical re-enactments taking place throughout the Veneto region this summer is this festival on the first weekend of September at Montegrotto. Contests of skill, flag-waving, medieval costumes, two hundred characters and the recreation of medieval arts, crafts and cooking, all to commemorate the legend of Berta: the myth, dating back to the 11th century, has it that Bertha of Savoy, on journey with her husband Henry IV of Germany to Rome to obtain the Imperial crown from the Pope, was presented the weaver Bertha, who asked for her intercession in the freeing of her fianc Raniero, imprisoned for his inability to pay the dues to the feudal lord of Montegrotto. In exchange for this Bertha offered all her worldly possessions, i.e. a rock for weaving thread. The queen, moved by this gesture, acquired the freedom of Raniero and granted them a farm as large as Bertha could weave a thread. The winning quarter is today awarded a prestigious trophy.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff