Festival Show 2014

live music and show around the Veneto Region

From 22 June 2014 to 06 September 2014


Take a note of the dates & artists for the Festival Show 2014: from 22 June to 6 September the appointment with the most anticipated concerts in Veneto of the summer will take place again!


Ten famous venues will be the backdrop to ten stages of the Festival Show Veneto 2014: established and emerging young singers will be on stage to deliver great evenings of music and entertainment.


The opening night of the Festival Show in Padova, is scheduled for Sunday, 22 June in the beautiful Prato della Valle. The summer concerts in Veneto 2014 then continue in Castelfranco Veneto, Marcon, Rosolina Mare, Jesolo Lido, Mestre and Marostica, while another two stages - Palmanova and Lignano Sabbiadoro - will touch the Friuli Venezia Giulia region. The grand finale of the Festival Show at the Verona Arena will take place on Sunday, 14 September.


Organized with the help of Radio Birikina and Radio (Festival Show) Bella e Monella, the Festival Show 2014 confirms the format of recent years, offering 12 young talents the opportunity to introduce themselves by performing on various dates in the festival show program.


From the first evening of the Festival Show in Prato della Valle, 2014 will give a mix of great music and entertainment, with singers from the caliber of Arisa, Simona Molinari, Nomadi, Dolcenera, Ivana Spagna and Sergio Rubino. But the Festival Show of Radio Birikina and Radio Bella & Monella has many other surprises!


In all the concerts of the Festival Show 2014, Etienne Jean Marie and his crew will accompany the artists during performances, while the Rhythmic Italian Symphony Orchestra for the fourth consecutive year will follow with music and arrangements.


Festival Show Dates 2014

22.06 Festival Show Prato della Valle 2014, Padova

6.07 Festival Show Castelfranco Veneto 2014, Piazza Giorgione

25.07 Festival Show Palmanova, Piazza Grande

01.08 Festival Show at Valecenter, the largest shopping centre in Marcon

05.08 Festival Show Rosolina Mare, Piazzale Europa

13.08 Festival Show Jesolo 2014, Piazza Torino

21.08 Festival Show Lignano Sabbiadoro 2014 Arena Beach

29.08 Festival Show Mestre, Piazza Underwire

06.09 Festival Show Marostica, Piazza degli Scacchi

14.09 Festival Show Verona Arena


Following the success of previous editions, many stages have been reconfirmed while others will be enjoyable new entries, such as the stage of the Festival Show in Vicenza 2014, which will no longer take place in the historic centre but in Marostica, a beautiful town in the province famous for its cherries and for the chess game with people in costume.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 22 June 2014 to 06 September 2014

Event location: Veneto

Contacts: For more information on the Festival Show 2014 - http://www.festivalshow.it/