Festival Show: great concerts to liven up the summer in Veneto

From 29 June 2012 to 05 September 2012

Amongst the most awaited for summer events in Italy in 2012 is the Festival Show, one of the summer events in 2012 in Veneto. It will host several open-air music concerts in Veneto in 2012 that have been livening up the hot summers in Veneto for some time.

Organized by Birikina Radio and Bella and Monella Radio with the aim of bringing one of the best music festivals in Veneto, the Festival Show will be showcased in 10 top locations, nine in Veneto and one in Friuli Venezia Giulia.

The dates of the Festival Show 2012 have already been set: from 29 June to 5 September music and entertainment will be the protagonists of one of the best music summer festivals in Italy.

Presented by the beautiful Serena Autieri, the dates of this Festival Show in Italy will see the participation of great Italian music artists and emerging talents - selected by Mara Maionchi who will for the first time perform in front of a great audience.

All concerts will be accompanied by the Italian Symphonic Rhythm Orchestra and the extraordinary scenes of Etienne Jean Marie, the internationally famed dancer and choreographer. Ten dates that will showcase some of the greatest music concert events 2012.

This music festival in Veneto will see both known artists perform, such as come Grignani, Mario Venuti, Dolcenera, Marco Masini, Enrico Ruggeri, Michele Zarrillo, i Sonohra, Paola Turci, Marina Rei, Moody, Povia, i Nomadi and Fabrizio Moro as well as talent show revelations, for instance Francesca Michielin, Marco Mengoni, Noemi, Emma, Marco Carta, Annalisa e Pierdavidebut there will be many more! To please nostalgic fans, some of the dates of the Festival Show will have the participation of Gigliola Cinquetti, Bobby Solo, Marcella Bella and Ricchi & Poveri The Festival Show will include these events in Italy in summer 2012:29.06 Festival Show Treviso - Piazza Burchiellati8.07 Festival Show Padova - Prato della Valle12.07 Festival Show Belluno Piazza dei Martiri30.07 Festival Show Vicenza Campo Marzo6.08 Festival Show Padova Piove di Sacco (Piazzale Serenissima)9.08 Festival Show Bibione Piazzale Zenith13.08 Festival Show Lignano Sabbiadoro - Beach Arena24.08 Festival Show Mestre Piazza Ferretto1.09 Festival Show Castelfranco Veneto Piazza Giorgione5.09 Festival Show Verona Piazza Bra

By Insidecom Editorial Staff